Rudge Motorcycles

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Rudge Special Features 1939


OVERHEAD VALVE ENCLOSURE. -The valves and operating mechanism on 500 c.c. models are totally enclosed by an oil-tight aluminium cover bolted to the cylinder head (see Fig. 2).

Oil is delivered under pressure to the cylinder head, and each rocker has Its individual oil feed. The tubular push rods operate direct on to the cam followers, and are enclosed in an oil-tight telescopic housing (See Fig. 1). The resultant mechanical silence and absence of wear is remarkably good.

Overhead rocker adjustment is required very infrequently and is easily accessible via the inspection cap in the aluminium head cover (See Fig. 1).

For the " Ulster " model, probably the fastest standard 500 c.c. model in current production, a four-valve cylinder head in aluminium bronze with polished ports is retained, with the well-known arrangement of parallel inlet valves, radial exhaust valves and a central sparking plug.

The valves and operating mechanism on this head also are totally enclosed and ail rockers are pressure lubricated.

CYLINDER BARREL. -All Rudge cylinder barrels are made of chrome nickel cast-iron. The method of bolting down the cylinder head renders the operation of removal remarkably simple-THE PETROL TANK NEED NOT BE DISTURBED.

LUBRICATION. -The capacity of the Oil pump provides a copious flow of oil to the cylinder head while ensuring an adequate feed to the big end. An additional lead is taken to the rear of the cylinder (See Fig. 1), The area of the filter is remarkably generous.

QUICK DETACHABLE REAR WHEEL. -All 500 c.c. models are fitted with a really quickly detachable rear wheel (See Fig, 3). The brake drum and sprocket remain In position when the wheel is removed. The knockout spindle is fitted with a tommy bar. The wheel bearings are of the adjustable taper roller type, which have proved extremely efficient during arduous tests. The special system of cam adjustment for the rear chain is retained

FRONT FORK. -The Rudge enclosed-spring type fork has proved extremely satisfactory since its Inception. A bronze bush in the outer telescopic sheath fitted with a grease gun nipple obviates all wear.

FOUR-SPEED GEARBOX. -The roller bearing four-speed box with T.T. type positive foot change is standard throughout the range. The extended gearbox filler makes rfutine maintenance a matter of moments.

OIL BATH CHAIN CASE. -Every model in the range is fitted with a handsome cast aluminium oil bath chain case (See Fig. 4). There is no rattle and no resonance.

On the 500 c.c. models the clutch is enclosed in an oil-tight cover.

RUDGE HANDLIFT STAND. -This patented Rudge feature (Patent No. 359089) see Fig. 4, is fitted to 500 c.c. models and enables the machine to be placed on the stand without effort, even with the rider remaining seated.

RUDGE COUPLED BRAKES (Patent No. 260656). -Every model is fitted with the unique Rudge system of proportionally coupled brakes.
This method of operation gives the highest braking efficiency known to Road Transport, and ensures a correct proportion of braking to each wheel whatever the speed. Skidding is eliminated under any conditions.

Aluminium brake shoes are used throughout the range.

SILENCERS. -The large cubic capacity of the silencers, together with the specially deigned absorber tubes, ensures a quiet
exhaust note without impairing the performance.

TYRES. -Dunlop tyres are fitted throughout the range. Tyre sizes and tread design have been selected to suit each individual model.


3 1/2 gallon petrol tank with reserve supply tap.
RUDGE roller bearing four-speed gearbox.
T.T. type positive foot gear change.
RUDGE proportionately coupled brakes.
Enclosed battery.
Mechanism shield.
Aluminium oil bath chain case.
Large pillion pad.
Quickly detachable rear mudguard.
Smith's illuminated chronometric trip speedometer.
Electric lighting sec with 8in. head lamp, together with detachable mudguard, Including such refinements as jack-plug for the rear lamp cable.
High frequency electric horn.
Licence holder.
Pump and tool kit.


Quickly detachable rear wheel.
Hand lift central stand (Patent No. 359089).
Fully enclosed and pressure lubricated valve gear.
Decompressor for easy starting.
Folding kick starter.
Improved front fork.
Fully enclosed oil tight clutch.