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Kerry-Abingdon Motorcycles 1909-1910

3½ h.p. Kerry-Abingdon 1909

New type spring fork on the 3½ h.p. Kerry-Abingdon. It consists of a plunger working in a cylinder.


3½ h.p. Model: 84x86 mm.; m.o.i.v.; Bosch b.b. magneto; Amac carburetter, h.b.c.; 4 to 1 gear (adjustable); 2¼ in. Clincher rubber-studded tyres; V-belt transmission.

East London Rubber Co., Great Eastern Street, E.C.

This machine is a good sample of the latest design in motor cycles. It possesses no really new features, with the exception of the spring forks. It is substantially and well made, and likely to give thorough satisfaction in road use. The magneto (which is chain driven) is carried on a special bracket in front of the crank case, the forward end being supported by a rod from the down tube. The special type of spring fork permits a vertical movement for the front wheel. Broadly, it consists of a plunger working against a strong encased spring. Its operation and neat appearance will be gathered from the sketch. The new pattern Amac carburetter with variable jet is used on this machine.

Large rubber pads are fitted in the footrests, which should give long wear. A petrol gauge is fitted in the tank, and the lubricating oil pump is concealed. The handle-bars are gracefully swept back, so that the rider assumes an almost upright position, thus minimising the likelihood of fatigue on a long journey.

The machine throughout is finished in first-class style. The stand fastening is of special design, no screws or bolts being used. This is the only model produced by the Abingdon-Ecco Co. for the British market, and the East London Rubber Co. have the sole selling rights.

Stanley Show 1909
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