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Information on British Vintage, Pioneer & Antique, Touring and Racing Motorcycles including pre-war, early post-war and classic periods

Wolverhampton History & Heritage Website

Delightfully dated, but packed with information of interest to Wulfrunians and motorcycle historians.

  • "This site contains material about Wolverhampton's history and heritage...
    We also want to make it useful for schools. We continue in the increasingly desperate hope that one day someone will deliver on successive governments' promises to make computers and the Internet fully available in all schools. In the meantime kids might be able to access this site from home."

Motorcycle section: Motorcycles

Barnstormers NZ Excellent page from the Shaky Isles.

Motos Anglais
British motorcycles, in French

Motos Anglais

Grace's Guide
Grace's Guide contains a wealth of knowledge concerning British motorcycles.

Black Country Bikers
Black Country Bikers is a blog on British motorcycles ... and much, much more.

Thank you to Roger Yates for his article on Sun motorcycles

Bruce Main-Smith was an early inspiration for these pages.

David Best's Bradbury Pages: Bradbury Motor Cycles

Bernard Russell - the first twenty years of the British motor cycle industry.

Russell, Bernard (1985). The trend to standardization: product development in the British motor cycle industry 1896-1916 - (pdf, 34 megs)


Early Motorcycle Literature FB group, not specifically British.

Howard Burrows is a Taswegian with an encylopedic knowledge of early British machines.

Motorcycles 1867-1930 FB Group.


AJS and Matchless

Jampot Simply masses of information about AJS and Matchless

AJS and Matchless Owner's Club

Abingdon King Dick - AKD - Kerry
Abingdon King Dick / Kerry FB Group

Ariel Resources



CCM Dennis Stochholm

CCM Trial Models Handbook and Service Manual

Mark Cook's CCM Britain Ltd


Dot Motorcycle Club UK

DOT Motorcycle Club (FB)



Norton WD16H and Big Four:

Pushrod Performance of Lancashire, Norton rebuilds: (updated 2016)

Norton Manuals and much more:


Motorpaul NL covers every aspect of Omega in great detail - British, Belgian, French, Austrian - along with pages on several other marques. There is also information on motorcycle philately.

Sunbeam Archive


Triumph Scooter Parts Suppliers for Tina, Tigress etc. (Wayback Archive)


Martin Shelley has been Marque Specialist for OEC at the VMCC for some 35 years.
His knowledge extends to WWI history, and his book "Two Wheels To War" is available from

Greg Williams has written an excellent page on OEC history. Due credit is given to Martin Shelley.

Publications has a fascinating set of pages from The Motor Cycle from around 1907 to 1921 (with some omissions). See Boston City Library

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