British Motorcycles

British Motorcycle Resources

Information on British Vintage, Pioneer & Antique, Touring and Racing Motorcycles including pre-war, early post-war and classic periods

Wolverhampton History & Heritage Website

Jampot Simply masses of information about AJS and Matchless

Barnstormers NZ Excellent page from the Shaky Isles.

Motos Anglais
British motorcycles, in French

Motos Anglais

Grace's Guide
Grace's Guide contains a wealth of knowledge concerning British motorcycles.

Black Country Bikers
Black Country Bikers is a blog on British motorcycles ... and much, much more.

History Website UK
Great resource!

Motorpaul NL
Covers every aspect of Omega in great detail - British, Belgian, French, Austrian - along with pages on several other marques. There is also information on motorcycle philately.

Thank you to Roger Yates for his article on Sun motorcycles

Bruce Main-Smith was an early inspiration for these pages.

Norton WD16H and Big Four: wdnorton.nl


Has a fascinating set of pages from The Motor Cycle, reproduced with acknowledgement to Mortons Motorcycle Media, holders of the copyright.

See also: Bibliography

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Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Tanks, seats, guards and fairings for classic bikes, cafe racers and post-classic motorcycles.