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The Moped Army
Great source for information on Dutch mopeds.
The Moped Army

François-Marie Dumas
Moto Collection has many pages on Dutch marques including more obscure machines...
Moto Collection

Wikipedia NL has an extensive list of Nederlandse historische motorfietsmerken.

"Dutch site of the Frisian archives. One of the members tried to trace back all the owners and their cars/bikes from before 1906 until 1950. All these numbers start with a B and were handed out in the province of Friesland. For you it's a pity that it all is in Dutch, but you can read the makes of the bikes and the years. Until 1950 you received a licence plate number on your name and not on your bike, so you could have a bike and a car with the same number."
Friese nummerbewijzen

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