Australian & NZ Motorcycles

Australia and New Zealand Motorcycle Resources

Information on Australia and NZ Vintage, Pioneer & Antique, Touring and Racing Motorcycles including pre-war and early post-war eras

Leon Mitchel's covers some very interesting topics.

Don Cox has written Australian Motorcycle Racers In Europe In The 1950s.

Denis Quinlan has been a household name in Australian motorcycle circles for many decades.

Murray Barnard has developed one of the most venerable motorcycle sites on the internet, which includes almost all known Australian marques.

Howard Burrows of Tasmania has a considerable collection of images posted to Flickr, some of which he has kindly allowed the use of on these pages.

Simon Fleming has built a site featuring the works of Robert Saward. It gives a list of the makes in the first edition (the second has over 500) with details of many.
Simon Fleming
Most Australian manufacturers began as cycle builders. This site has considerable background information on some of those marques.


Australia National Library
An extraordinary achievement - a great many newspapers and journals have been digitised and made searchable.

South Australia Library

Their motorcycle collection has a good many images dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

South Australia Library

National Library of New Zealand

Papers Past