European Motorcycles

Peterborough Motorcycle Museum

South Australian museum with a focus on rare lightweights. Motorcycles on display include:
  • 250cc Yvels French racing bike. 1921 France
  • 250cc Jawa 1949 Czechoslovakia
  • 250cc French racing bike. 1927 France
  • 250cc Montessa Impala. 1981 Spain
  • 350cc Jawa 1955 Czechoslovakia
  • 350cc Aermacchi 1969 Italy
  • 350cc Cossack 1972 Russia
  • 500cc Laverda Monjuic 1979 Italy
  • 750cc Honda Automatic 1977 Japan
  • 750cc Moto Guzzi S3 1975 Italy
  • 850cc Moto Guzzi MK1 Lemans 1976 Italy
  • 250cc Harley Davidson golf buggy (Road registered as a utility) 1968 USA
  • 1000cc Laverda Jota 1981 Italy

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