European Motorcycles

Technical Museum Prague

National Technical Museum Prague
Kostelní 1320/42
Holešovice, 170 00 Prague-Praha,
Czech Republic

Castle Kámen, branch of the Museum Vysočiny Pelhřimov, p.o.
Kámen č.p. 1
394 13 Kámen

Website: ntm.cz
Facebook: fb.com/NarodniTechnickeMuzeum

Quite substantial museum with many cars, motorcycles, aeroplanes and even steam trains on display.

The major part of the motorcycle collection consists, unsurprisingly, of Czech machines with a strong representation of those from the years of WWII, 1939-1945.

Although not all of the hundred or so manufacturers who have produced motorcycles on Czech territory are represented, most are, and can be seen at the Kámen Castle in southern Bohemia, about 130km from Prague.

The collection includes the following Czech and Slovak motorcycles dating back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire:

    Cas (1921) scooter - 180 cm3, 0,9 kW (1,25 hp), 35 km / h max speed, 48 kg weight.
    Dálník 250 Prototyp (circa 1942) 248.5cc, 9 hp, weight 120 kg.
    ESO MC 500 (1956) 498 ccc
    Slavia B (1901) 240 cm3, Slavia Bz (1905) 331 cm3, Slavia CCR (1905) 812 cm3. All have Laurin & Klement engines.
    Jelinek 1904 397cc, 2.5 hp, 60 km/h max speed, weight 65 kg
    Perun 1909 3 HP, 454cc, 70 km/h max speed, weight 67 kg.
    Walter B (1909) 1022cc, 7 hp, 70 km/h max speed, weight 135 kg.
    Itar 710 of 1924: 706 cm3, 14 hp, 90 km/h max speed, 170 kg weight.
    Motor Company 1000 (1924) 980cc, 22 hp, 100 km/h max speed, weight 177 kg.
    Poustka 150 (1923) 147cc, 4.7 hp, 60 km/h max speed, weight 68 kg.
    Satan (1930) 540cc, 10 hp, 90 km/h max speed, weight 158 kg.
    Böhmerland 350 (1937)
    Praga BD 500 (1927)
    Praga ED 610 (2002) 609.6cc, 40.4 kW, weight 114 kg.
    Premier 500 Model SL 39 (1931) 494cc 22 hp, 140 km/h max speed, weight 140 kg.
    Ogar 250 (1937) - 247cc, 10 hp, 100 km/h max speed, weight 116 kg.

In addition to the many Jawas & CZs, the museum displays machines from other countries: Hildebrand & Wolfmüller, De Dion-Bouton, Puch, Douglas, Ner-A-Car, BMW along with a goodly number of British and American motorcycles.

The museum's site states:

    The world's longest motorcycle event has traditionally been held in the Šluknov region, in places where Albina Liebische's products originated between 1925 and 1939. It is estimated that about 700 pieces of motorcycles from the Czech Republic - Böhmerland have been scattered around the world by about seven hundred. Of them, almost half of them go to Krásna Lípa every year, where their production started in 1925. The National Technical Museum owns two of these sought-after jewels in their collections."

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