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Ziegenhagen Museum, Germany


Witzenhausen Ziegenhagen
Auto- und Motorrad-Museum Ziegenhagen, Erlebnispark

Website: erlebnispark-ziegenhagen.de

The complex consists of three large museums featuring classic vehicles, art nouveau and cultural history.

The automotive collection is displayed in a space of 1200 square metres and consists of 150 motorcycles, mopeds and automobiles. There are also a great many other transport and agricultural exhibits including fire engines, tractors, and a model of a UFO seen at Darmstadt in 1953.

Motorcycles on display include:
Dniepr KMZ 750 749 cc sidecar combination made in Ukraine
Motobecane Type D 1939 from France
Victoria KR 25 247cc 1951
Hofmann MR 125/2 1950
Glas-Goggo Scooter

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