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Michelstadt Museum

Familie Künzel
Walther-Rathenau-Allee 17
64720 Michelstadt
Website: michelstadt.de
Facebook: fb.com/kulturamtmichelstadt

The private museum has many machines from the post-war reconstruction period from 1945 through the 1950s including many of the beautiful motorcycles, mopeds and scooters popular in those years.

Included in the collection are several very nicely presented Moto Guzzis from the 1930s, some from the early post-war era and a military motorcycle.

The BMW section has two sidecar combinations, one mounted right and the other, an R62, mounted left. There is one of those funny little BMW three-wheelers, scooters that only a mother could love*, with seveal mopeds and mofas up on shelves. Other machines which delight the eye are a Horex and a Miele... there is an awful lot of motorcycling crammed into a relatively small space.

It is best to contact them prior to visiting.

* Just kidding. I owned a scooter once. It tried to kill me so I gave it up in favour of something which tried harder.

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