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Motorcycle Museums of Austria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Spain...

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Many museums are represented on these pages, large and small.

If you have visited one of the museums and would care to share your experience, or if you are involved with the curating and management of one of the collections and would like your museum added or updated, please contact us.

Museums of Europe:

South-Bohemian Museum of Motorcycles
One of the largest in the Czech Republic, the museum in České Budějovice displays around 100 motorcycles along with a remarkable variety of memorabilia, toys, antique bicycles and scale models.
The curator is a very active motorcycle historian and presents on the museum's website information on the country's automotive history along with many pages on motorcycles from around the world, with a strong focus on Eastern Europe.
Visit motomuseum-hostalek.cz

Národní Technické muzeum
Narodni Technicke Muzeum has a vast collection of vintage aircraft, steam locomotives, vintage bicycles, automobiles and motorcycles. Quite a wonderful experience.
Visit motomuseum-hostalek.cz, or on Facebook at fb.com/NarodniTechnickeMuzeum

Catalan Museu Nacional
Situated in Terrassa, near Barcelona, the museum has a number of Spanish motorcycles in the collection which is housed in a quite beautiful building constructed in 1909.

Museum Pantheon Basel
Although the primary focus is on automobiles, there is a wealth of material of interest to motorcyclists. Located at Basel on the Swiss/French border, it is only a half-hour from Mulhouse.

Muzeum Veteránu Pavlíkov
Pavlíkov, Czech Republic

Phil Aynsley Photography
Phil Aynsley Photography
Thousands of quality photographs featuring Ducati, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta and numerous other marques. An index to many of the amazing galleries on his site is available here:
Phil Aynsley's Motorcycle Photos