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Musée de la Moto de Marseille

Motorcycle Museum of Marseille

Musée de la Moto
18 Traverse Saint-Paul
13013 Marseille


The museum, which opened in 1989 in a four-story restored flour mill of La Palud, displays between 120 and 250 motorcycles ¹, some thirty of which are unique. Exhibitions include the Jean & Henri Nougier collection and the MGC prototype, a 650 cc, 4 cylinder avant-garde motorcycle which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and complex French machines of the era.

There is also a display of superbly presented vintage Moto Guzzi motorcycles, along with military motos of WWII.

Collection Highlights:

    AKD 1928 174cc OHV
    Alcyon 350 Super Sport 1932, 349cc OHV
    BFG ca.1984, 1300cc Citroen Engine
    Durandal c.1930 350cc
    Ferrari 1954 150cc
    Gnome & Rhone D3 500cc 1928
    Gnome & Rhone CV2 500cc c1937
    Jonghi de Monneret of Johnny Hallyday and Coluche fame
    Junak 1960 350cc
    Keops 1926 175cc
    Le Grimpeur c1927
    Magnat-Debon 1928 500cc Type NMSSC
    Marc 1930 348cc SOHC
    MGC 1938 600cc Four N34
    Minarelli 1990 150cc Triple
    Monet & Goyon 350cc Type 50 MAG
    Monet & Goyon LS4L 1938 350cc
    Moto Guzzi GTCL 500cc 1938
    Moto Guzzi 1939 Condor
    Moto-Guzzi Alce 1939 500cc
    Motobecane MB1 175cc c.1924
    Motoconfort 1959 N4C 350cc Twin
    Motoconfort 1960 125cc Speciale UZ
    Motosacoche 350cc Type 409
    Motosacoche 1930 Type 414 1C9 500cc
    Norton Manx 500 Model 30 1953
    Norton International 596cc Prototype, 1938
    Peugeot Grand Prix 1923
    Peugeot P105 350cc c.1930
    Rene Gillet c.1935 Type L 750cc V-Twin
    Rhony'x Type D 250cc Zurcher
    Terrot 1913 Motorette No3
    Terrot 1928 346cc Type HS
    Terrot 1928 350cc Type HSS
    Terrot 1929 250cc Type FT7
    Terrot c1930 350cc HSSE OHV
    Triumph Bonneville T120
    Werner c1903
    Zundapp KS600 597cc Flat Twin, 1939

They also display at major events - the Grand Prix de Monaco, the Reims Motorcycle & Classic Car Show, the Avignon Motor Festival, Grand Prix de Marseille, the Salon des Motos Anciennes in Paris and many others.

1. The number of motorcycles displayed can vary considerably depending on the exhibitions being held.

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