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Musée Moto Mode Militaire

Claude Tiano's museum in Saint-Tulle houses many examples from the French motorcycle industry, with a focus on vintage machines. There are also examples of the WWII and post-war eras.

The collection also contains militaria - uniforms, weaponry, military motorcycles - and fashion history. Hats, clothing, shoes, fashion accessories and of course handbags.

This private museum is managed under the not-for-profit Association Law of 1901. It features exhibits from the worlds of motorcycling, militaria and fashion The museum may be visited by appointment. Admission is free.

avenue Marcel Paul 04220
Sainte-Tulle France

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Ce musée privé est géré par une association loi 1901 qui a pour but de mettre en valeur différents objets sur la moto, la mode, et le militaria.
Le musée se visite sur rendez-vous et l'entrée est gratuite.