European Motorcycles

Chabrillan Musee

Chabrillan Musee
La Grange Aux Petrolettes
Quartier Saint-Laurent - 26400 Chabrillan

Some 120 motorcycles
Camille Pourtier, a native of Chabrillan, has been collecting and restoring motorcycles for more than three decades. The result is rather impressive and is housed in a converted barn. Hence the name...
several Triumphs, singles and twins, a Blackburne
French a Follis with Earles forks and swinging arm rear suspension, Motobecane late 1930s
Italian: Ducati Mk3, Moto Guzzi and Moto Morini

NB: Not to be confused with LaGrange Art Museum, USA.

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Anderson Stands
Anderson Stands
Motorcycle Stands and Workshop Lifts for Sports Bikes and Cruisers
Front and rear stands, single side swingarm stands, workbenches...