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French Motorcycle Museums and Cultural Collections

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Museums of France:

Jean-Luc Gaignard Collection
Montflours, Mayenne
An important collection of over 200 motorcycles assembled over the course of 40 years, it includes an example of the infamous Landru.

Musées de Châtellerault
La Manu 3, Rue Clément Krebs, Châtellerault
Museum of automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles - and much more...

Baster Museum
Musée Baster at Riom, just north of Clermont-Ferrand, has a good array of Italian, French and British machines, some well-known and some quite exotic.
The museum hosts a motorcycle marketplace on the second sunday of each month, and has done for some thirty years.

Belcaire Pyrenees Museum
Max Dejean has assembled an auto collection which includes Koehler-Escofier, Malaguti Olympique, Favor and Monet Goyon.

Musée Chapy
An interesting private collection of motorcycles and scooters including several exceedingly rare specimens.
Musée Chapy

Musee de Montjean sur Loire
The museum closed in September 2006. Exhibits included many French cyclos, scooters and motorcycles from the 50s.

Musée D'Automobiles du Forez
Sury Le Comtal
This museum was owned by Jacques Lefranc for almost 60 years, closing in 1981. The collection was purchased by Maurice Marques of Saint Zacherie, who maintained it until 1995. Several from this collection were sold at Retromobile 2018.

Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Tanks, seats, guards and fairings for classic bikes, cafe racers and post-classic motorcycles.