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Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery

1201 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 110, and 1500 Dragon Street, Suite B1, Dallas, Texas
Website: haasmotomuseum.com
Facebook: fb.com/Haas-Moto-Museum
Instagram: haasmotomuseum

From the museum's website:

  • "The sheer expanse of The Haas Collection, with over 200 motorcycles spanning 12 decades, housed in the Museum and the adjacent Dragon Gallery, is a joyous revival of a cultural phenomenon that continues to evolve to this day. From the time when a crude gas tank was first strapped onto a bicycle frame to the creation of radical new designs that push the outer limits of the imagination, The Haas Collection has no equal anywhere, with its seemingly endless array of truly unique motorcycles embedded in two venues of unparalleled beauty."

Bobby Haas writes, in a Pipeburn article:

  • "In the course of my comparatively fleeting journey from acquiring my first motorcycle in late 2014 to the opening of The Haas Museum in April 2018, it has been my privilege to work with a handful of the finest custom builders alive today - Max Hazan, Craig Rodsmith, Walt Siegl, Bryan Fuller, to name just a few."

An enchanting photo essay by Dan Sellers

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