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Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida

Strada Gen. Candiano Popescu 2
Bucharest, Romania

The museum contains some very interesting exhibits including an aluminium-bodied Persu from 1923, with wooden wheels and solid tyres, a machine which gives every impression of travelling backwards.
Mon Apr 18 2011
help needed
d-rad type r9
hello. My name is Andrei Banu and I am working with the Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida in Bucharest Romania. This museum has a Type R9 D-Rad motorcycle that wishes to put out for display. Unfortunately we lack any info on the history of D-RAD and this model we own. Please be so kind to provide us with any info and pics you might be able to share. Thousand regards, AB
Bucharest , Romania

Thank you for responding to my request. Here you have the pics I own for the D-Rad. Also I have the same problem identifying few more motorcycles - a Rudge and a Villiers with Buchet engine. Another one I have identified as a Peugeot P102B but I couldn't find any history of the model or any data about it. These motorcycles (along with others that I already identified and gatherd some info) are owned by the Technical Museum in Bucharest. Unfortunately they are in a verry poor shape and me and some friends (the Dacii Liberi club) decided to do something abot that. At first we want to provide each bike with adequate tag displaying al the info a visitor might request in a museum. The next stage would be trying to bring the bikes in a better shape and even make them run again. Unfortunately the museum cannot provide any financial help so this second stage might have to wait until we can aquire the sponsorship required for the materials and the tools we're still lacking for the job (if you know some people that might help us with these- not money, materials and tools that are still in good shape that they don't use anymore (old grinders, paint gun, sand-blkast gun, anything at all) I'd apreciate putting me in contact with them.

In this mail you have the pics for D-rad and the Rudge and I'll send you another with the Peugeot and the Villiers.
Thank you very much for any help you can give us.

D-Rad_R9 images have been posted in the D-Rad gallery

The museum also has examples of Puch motorcycles.

Website: Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida