Today in Motorcycle History

London Motorcycle Museum

Some 170 exhibits include the last machine from Triumph's Meriden plant in Coventry as well as other unique motorcycles - AJS and Ariel, Vincent and Velocette are all well represented.

Ravenor Farm,
29 Oldfield Lane South,


List of Exhibits

Year Make Model CC/HP

BSA Winged Wheel Bicycle 32cc

Cotton Telstar Racer

Velocette Viceroy
1902 Ormonde Kelecom 2¼ h.p.
1903 Clyde Clyde 2¾ h.p.
1907 Brown Precision 298cc
1909 Triumph TT 500cc
1910 Douglas In-Line Flat Twin 2¾ hp
1911 Rudge TT 3hp
1914 Zenith Gradua 1000cc
1915 Calthorpe JAP 300cc
1915 Harley Davidson V-Twin combination 1000cc
1919 ABC Scootamota 125cc
1919 Triumph H 550cc
1921 Triumph Baby 225cc
1922 Chater-Lea V-Twin combination 885cc
1923 Wooler In-Line Twin 350cc
1923 Triumph SD combination 550cc
1924 The Ivy 2-stroke single 224cc
1924 BSA Round Tank
1925 Beardmore Precision 500cc
1925 Scott Flying Squirrel 595cc
1925 Coventry Eagle Flying-8 combination 1000cc
1926 Triumph Ricardo 500cc
1926 Raleigh V-Twin 700cc
1928 Francis Barnett
1928 Triumph NSD combination 550cc
1928 Triumph TT 500cc
1929 Triumph OHC prototype 500cc
1932 Triumph X 147cc
1932 BSA Hand Change 350cc
1933 Brough Superior 1150 1150cc
1934 Velocette KTT Mk. IV 348cc
1934 Triumph 2/1 250cc
1935 Triumph 6/1 Engine 650cc
1937 New Imperial Spring Frame 250cc
1937 Triumph T70 Engine 250CC
1938 Triumph T80 350cc
1938 Sheffield Henderson Sprint
1939 Matchless Model X V-Twin 1000cc
1939 Royal Enfield Flying Flea 125cc
1939 Sunbeam B24S 350cc
1941 BSA WB30 330cc
1942 Triumph TRW prototype 500cc
1942 James ML 125cc
1942 BSA M20 500cc
1946 Excelsior Autobyk 98cc
1946 Triumph GP 500c
1947 EMC Mk1 350cc
1947 Norton 500T 500cc
1947 Triumph T100 (ally) 500cc
1947 Triumph 3T 350cc
1947 Triumph 3SW Army 350cc
1947 Triumph TRW prototype Magnesium 500cc
1948 Royal Enfield Flying Flea 125cc
1948 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500cc
1949 Norman Autocycle 98cc
1949 BSA D1 Bantam 125cc
1949 Triumph T100 500cc
1951 Vincent Black Shadow 1000cc
1951 Vincent Comet 500cc
1952 Sunbeam S8 500cc
1952 BSA D1 Bantam 125cc
1952 Triumph 6T Thunderbird 650cc
1952 Triumph 7ST 'Jumbo' prototype 750cc
1953 New Hudson Autocycle 98cc
1954 BSA B31 350cc
1954 Triumph T100 500cc
1954 BSA Gold Star CB32 350cc
1954 Matchless G3LS 350cc
1954 AJS Model 20 500cc
1955 Triumph T20 Tiger Cub 200cc
1956 Triumph 5TA Engine prototype 500cc
1956 AJS 16MS 500cc
1956 JAP Speedway (Stan Tebby) 500cc
1956 Triumph 3TA Engine prototype 350cc
1957 BSA Road Rocket 650cc
1957 Triumph TRW Swinging Arm prototype 500cc
1958 Triumph Triton Racer (T100) 500cc
1958 Triumph 5T Police Speed Twin (Cut Away)  500cc
1958 Velocette LE 200cc
1958 Triumph T90 Twenty-One 350cc
1958 Vincent Amanda Water Scooter 98cc
1959 BSA C15 Trials 250cc
1959 Norton Dominator 99 600cc
1959 Velocette Venom 500cc
1959 Vincent Firefly 50cc
1959 Triumph 5TA Speed Twin 500cc
1959 Triumph Tigress 175cc
1960 Sun Wasp 175cc
1960 Panther Princess 175cc
1960 AJS Model 20 500cc
1960 Excelsior Road Master 200cc
1961 BSA Sunbeam 250cc
1961 Triumph 6TP 650cc
1961 Matchless G3 Auxiliary Fire Service 350cc
1962 Triumph T10 Tina Scooter 97cc
1963 Triumph Triton (T120) 650cc
1964 Panther 120 combination 650cc
1964 Triumph P1 triple prototype 750cc
1964 Triumph TRW 500cc
1965 Ariel Golden Arrow 250cc
1965 Triumph 3TA Dutch Army 350cc
1965 Triumph 6TP 650cc
1966 BSA A65L Spitfire Production Racer 650cc
1967 Triumph T100T 500cc
1967 Raleigh Wisp 50cc
1967 BSA C15 250cc
1967 Triumph T120 Thruxton 650cc
1968 BSA Spitfire MKIV 650cc
1968 BSA Bantam D14/4 175cc
1968 Rudge Whitworth 4-valve
1968 Triumph TR6P SAINT 650cc
1968 Raleigh Runabout 50cc
1969 Triumph T150 Trident 750cc
1969 Triumph T120 US 650cc
1969 Velocette LE MK3 200cc
1970 Triumph T120 UK 650cc
1970 Raleigh Runabout RM6 50cc
1971 Triumph T120 Police 650cc
1971 Triumph T25SS Trail Blazer 250cc
1971 BSA Fury 350cc
1971 Ariel Three 70cc
1972 Triumph T120V US 650cc
1972 Norton Commando - Gus Kuhn Seeley 750cc
1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane 750cc
1973 Moto Minarelli Sprint (Des Heckle) 50cc
1973 Triumph T100 AA 500cc
1973 BSA Rocket 3 Mk2 S.O.H.C. 750cc
1974 Triumph T100 500cc
1974 Triumph T100D Daytona (replica) 500cc
1975 Triumph T160 Trident 750cc
1975 Triumph P96 Rob North 750cc
1976 Triumph T160 Slippery Sam Replica 1000cc
1977 Triumph T140 Strongbow Flat Tracker 750cc
1977 Triumph T140J Silver Jubilee UK 750cc
1979 Triumph Balanced T140 "Pigs In Space" engine 750cc
1980 Triumph T140E Executive 750cc
1981 Triumph TS8-1 prototype 750cc
1981 Triumph T140LE Royal Wedding UK 750cc
1981 Triumph T140AV US 750cc
1981 Triumph T140E US custom 750cc
1981 BSA Easy Rider 50cc
1982 Triumph TSX 750cc
1982 Triumph TR65 Thunderbird 650cc
1982 Triumph Thunderbird combination 650cc
1982 Triumph TR65T Tiger Trail 650cc
1983 Triumph T140EKS Last Bonnie 750cc
1985 Sinclair C5 Electric
1985 Austell LOTEC Mini-engined special 1000cc
1987 Wasp Motocross Combination 1000cc
1988 Norton Classic 600cc
1990 Norton Commander Rotary Road Research 600cc
1990 Norton Commander Rotary Paramedic 600cc
1991 Triumph Trophy (Hinckley) 1200cc
1995 Harley Davidson Rotax
1996 Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc
2008 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Military 500cc

In addition to the motorcycle exhibits the museum also has engine line-drawings by draughtsman Eric Coles and a large collection of literature.

The list above was compiled in March 2013.

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