Today in Motorcycle History

The Bubblecar Museum

Some 50 microcars are exhibited including Bond, Isetta, Reliant, Berkeleys of Biggleswade, and of course Frisky and Bambi.
The Bubblecar Museum writes:

    "... is only public museum in the UK dedicated only to microcars. The term microcar means literally a car with an engine capacity of less than 700cc, although most are much smaller. Microcars, or bubble cars as they are often called, are a significant part of British motoring history.

    The iconic bubble cars we recognize today were born in the early 1950s, a time of austerity following the second world war. Though smaller, cheaper vehicles had always been in demand, these cars were a radical departure in their use of new technologies and futuristic design. Urged on by uncertainty over oil supplies from the Middle East, lots of small manufacturers were soon busily making strange little fuel frugal cars all over Britain and the continent."

Clover Farm, Main Rd, Langrick, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 7AW


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