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Technik Museum Speyer

Impressive collection of Aerospace, Automotive and Motorcycle exhibits in Speyer, Germany

This is one of two similarly themed and named museums on opposite sides of the country.

From the Technik Museum Speyer's website:

"At the Technic Museum Speyer you can wander around inside an original jumbo jet, as well as inspect the inner workings of a submarine and a sea rescue cruiser. In the halls you will find the largest space flight exhibition in Europe, offering the Russian space shuttle BURAN, an original Moonstone, space suits, a Soyuz landing capsule, as well as locomotives, vintage cars, fire trucks, motorcycles, and thousands of other exhibits. In the Museum Wilhelmsbau you will experience mechanical musical instruments, fashions, and dolls. Unique in Germany, the IMAX®-DOME movie theatre presents exclusive films on a giant dome screen.

Up into the 1950s motorcycles were mainly a relatively inexpensive means of transport for those who were not in a position to afford a car. With growing prosperity and the advent of moderately priced cars the motorcycle all but vanished from the roads for a decade. And it was not until the late 1960s that it was rediscovered as a leisure time vehicle and expression of a special lifestyle. In the Technik MUSEUM SPEYER many historic motorcycles can be admired, amongst them also curiosities like a monotrace car by Mauser.

One highlights of the motorcycle exhibition in Speyer is the RaceBikeCollection showing numerous Grand Prix bikes from the two-stroke era of the 1970s and 1980s as well as many four-stroke Superbikes from the 1990s and a fantastic special exhibition devoted to the legendary Münch Mammoth. The Friedel Münch exhibition comprises 25 motorbikes and covers the whole history of the brand from the late 1960s until the year 2004. Even a Münch 2000, of which only 15 pieces were built, can be admired in Speyer."

Visit the museum's website: speyer.technik-museum.de