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Motorradmuseum Schloss Augustusburg, Germany

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Catello di Augustusburg 11
09573 Augustusburg

Website: die-sehenswerten-drei.de
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Update The collection now encompasses over 250 motorcycles in two castles about 15 mins apart. The biggest just got bigger!

Built during the Renaissance, the Schloss Augustusburg contains one of the most important and extensive motorcycle collections in Europe.

Spread over 1200 m² the history of two-wheel transporation from the late 19th century is addressed by 175 motorcycles, with special attention to the Zschopauer-based companies Auto Union, DKW, and MZ, with another section highlighting motorcycle accessories of the past.

Exhibitions are often accompanied by historical film footage and related memorabilia.

The collection includes a Bohmerland, many NSU, DKW and MZ pieces, Lauren & Klement, Kayser tricycle, Mabeco 1923, a front-wheel-drive Megola similar to that in the Gugenheim show, Mars 1924 (magnifique!), BMW twins, Wanderer, a precious Golem, a Ner-a-Car in powder blue, Zeus and a variety of racing machines. That must be about 10%.

Included in the vast collection is an interesting piece which began life in England during WWII and arrived in a Halifax bomber which crashed at Drebach, near Chemnitz. Possibly a Corgi, the miniature motorcycle was badly damaged and a youthful Scheffler salvaged the engine which he used to build his own motorcycle. Many years later he became the manager for the Austusburg collection, and he donated this machine. The story is addressed in depth a book by Peter Hessel, The Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman.

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Several annual events are held during the summer and another in January for those who brave the European winter.

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