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Claude Reynaud Collection

Musée Vèlo Moto Château de Bosc

Address: RN100 30390 Domazan, France

Facebook: Château de Bosc

Established in 1989, the museum in the magnificent Château de Bosc devotes three large rooms to the collection of Claude Reynaud, a passionate motorcycle historian, which show the evolution of the motorcycle over decades.

Included in the exhibiiton are several machines similar to those displayed in the Guggenheim Museum - a Majestic, an FN four, 1000cc Vincent, MV Agusta, Honda CB750, various American machines including Indian and Harley Davidson.

On display is the Nougier collection which includes the unique avant-garde MGC prototype, along with several quite exquisite Moto Guzzis and a number of WWII military machines.

The Château de Bosc is very selective, with machines chosen for their beauty, technical innovation, historical significance and rarity.

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