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French Motorcycle Resources

Information on French Vintage, Pioneer & Antique, Touring and Racing Motorcycles for Research Purposes

JLBweb - Les Archives de la Motos
Many models listed for French and other marques and has been a very fruitful source of information. (offline November 2023)

Club Ydral
An excellent site with detailed information on all marques with Ydral engines fitted.
Club Ydral

Motos Anglais
British motorcycles, in French

Motos Anglais

Cycle Memory | Mémoire du Cycle
Considerable information on engines, marques & models. Scans of period magazines and catalogues. Major resource.
Cycle Memory

Chez Alice
Excellent resource with a wealth of period catalogues in PDF format.

Les Vieilles Chaînes Villefranchoises
Numerous marques with history and photos. They also have a substantial collection of books on French motorcycles available to members.

François-Marie Dumas
His site presents nearly two thousand photographs he has made over several decades, accompanied by a comprehensive history of the machines presented.
Moto Collection

Le Site de La Moto Française
Has unique information along with much about Bourdache.

Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire
Numerous references for French motos. More information: Motos dans la Loire
Covers a host of French 175cc machines often in considerable detail, and has original catalogues:

Histoire de la Moto, 1900-2000

Contains a wealth of information about motorcycles and internal combustion engines.
Lucer, Ydral and others.
Extensive articles on tricars from the 1900s by Dr. Hendrik Svenson-Evers and Dr. Dominique Svenson of Granada, Spain.

Albert Jean
Chanon & Villemain
Also: Cie. Française des Cycles et Automobiles 1898 tricar, Georgia Knap, Corona of Brandenburg, Fafnir, Germania
Quite a number of less common French marques.

The Moped Army
Great source for information on French mopeds.
The Moped Army

Gérard Martin
Gerard is an active researcher and spends much time in the forums, particularly on the FB group Motorcycles 1867-1930.

Didier Mahistre
M. Mahistre has written tomes on all manner of motorcycle history. Didier Mahistre

Thierry Heurlin supplied images and information on many French machines.

This site has been offline for some time. It contained numerous snippets of information and correspondence about some quite obscure French marques.
More information: La Moto Francaise
Wonderful resource for mopeds equipped with VAP engines.

A wealth of information on vintage and classic French motos.

Forum de moto ancienne achats vente de moto ou voiture ancienne

Marque Specific

Enthusiast's site - Publicités, affiches, prospectus...


Automoto A9



Gnome et Rhone
Older site with information on Gnome et Rhone


Les Monet-Goyon & Koehler-Escoffier sur le Net - large quantity of documentation on two important French marques.


Le Motobécane Club de France
Squidloads of stuff about Motobecane and Motoconfort.
Motobécane Club de France
Has a great deal of information about Motobecane and Motoconfort.

Patrick Barrabès
Patrick has authored books on Motobecane
An archive of his site on the marque may be found at


Terrot Club Pyreneen
Great resource. Catalogues, parts fische, adverts for 50cc 100cc 125cc 175cc 250cc 269cc 350cc 500cc 680cc 750-800cc...

Terrot Club France
Around 500 catalogues and technical documents available to members. Also forum, bibliography, model ID by serial number...

Terrot Parts
Very nicely presented page from a Terrot specialist.

Dijon marques - Terrot, Peugeot, Magnat Debon and more.

Detailed history on the marque along with its relationship with Deronziere, Manufrance, E. Billion, Rupta and others. Many photographs and documents.

Velosolex America ( 404)


La Moto en France, 1894-1914, 1914-1921 and 1922-1924
by Jean Bourdache
See also: Bibliography

L'Industrie des Cycles et Automobiles, Saint Etiennes. Several decades in high resolution.

Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF)

Archive of French magazine index 1974-2012
Club du Motocyclettiste.

Gloubik Science - Automobile


Translations Linguee
Dictionnaire français-anglais French-English | English-French

French translations (word only, not phrase)
by Oxford University
Search on manufacturer, town etc. Provides background data on all manner of French people and places. Great resource.