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Information on Belgian Vintage, Pioneer & Antique, Touring and Racing Motorcycles for Research Purposes

The Moped Army
Great source for information on Belgian mopeds.
The Moped Army

Vlaamse Veteran Car Club
Has numerous pages on Belgian automobile marques, many of which give background information on those which also built motorcycles.
vvcc.be Constructeurs

Gillet Herstal
Model information for most years of production, engine numbers...

See also Les motos Gillet-Herstal, 1919-1959 by Yves Campion.

Excellent Minerva resource:

François-Marie Dumas
Moto Collection has many pages on Belgian marques, including 15 Gillet Herstal models and 20 from FN. There are also pages on more obscure makes; Aldimi, Antoine, Bovy, Brondoit...
Moto Collection

Superia courtesy superiabromfietsen

A-Z der Belgische Motoren, ISBN 9789077346105
Some of the information in this book is compiled from Livre d'Or de l'Automobile et de la Motocyclette, published in 1951 by the Royal Motor Union
See also oldtimerworld.be

Histoire de l'automobile belge
Yvette Kupélian, Jacques Kupélian und Jacques Sirtaine. Paul Legrain, Brüssel, ISBN 2-8705-7001-5 und e.p.a., Paris, ISBN 2-8512-0090-9

Monographie des Industries du Bassin de Liege, Industry du Cycle et de l'Automobile. Paul Kelecom, Liège 1905. Paul Kelecom

Wikipedia NL lists many Belgian marques.

Het MotorRijwiel

Jean-Louis Dumont has been kind enough to supply several images related to lesser-known Belgian marques.

Belgian motorcycles FB group: Belgische Motoren
Belgian motorcycles FB group: Passionnés de motos de fabrication belge

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