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Spielzeugmuseum Nordsee


Norden Automobil + Spielzeugmuseum Nordsee
Ostermarscher Straße 29 Nordsee

Website: automuseum-nordsee.de
Facebook: fb.com/automuseum.nordsee

Motorcycle exhibits include a HD with mag wheels standing beside a moped-like chopper, a Zundapp DB201 1954, a Zundapp KS80, a Hercules Wankel, a Suzuki Wankel... A mezzanine has at least 20 lightweights and scooters, along with a police motorcycle and an EMW combination.

In total there are some 150 exhibits covering 2000 square metres. There is a special exhibition covering the history of the automotive industry during the GDR (East Germany) under Russian domination.

Also featured is a maritime exhibition and a substantial collection of toys.

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