European Motorcycles

Spielzeugmuseum Nordsee


Norden Automobil + Spielzeugmuseum Nordsee
Ostermarscher Straße 29 Nordsee

Website: automuseum-nordsee.de
Facebook: fb.com/automuseum.nordsee

Motorcycle exhibits include a HD with mag wheels standing beside a moped-like chopper, a Zundapp DB201 1954, a Zundapp KS80, a Hercules Wankel, a Suzuki Wankel... A mezzanine has at least 20 lightweights and scooters, along with a police motorcycle and an EMW combination.

In total there are some 150 exhibits covering 2000 square metres. There is a special exhibition covering the history of the automotive industry during the GDR (East Germany) under Russian domination.

Also featured is a maritime exhibition and a substantial collection of toys.

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Phil Aynsley Photography
Phil Aynsley Photography
Thousands of quality photographs featuring Ducati, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta and numerous other marques. An index to many of the amazing galleries on his site is available here:
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