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Martigny Museum Switzerland

Art museum in the Swiss Alps with an impressive collection of vintage cars.


In the spring of 1976, the engineer Leonard Gianadda discovered the remains of a Gallo-Roman temple on a plot of land he owned. He decided to set up a foundation that would preserve the memory of his brother, who died in a plane crash shortly after the discovery.

Today, the Foundation stages 3 art exhibitions a year, with works of art coming from private collections and from the world's major museums.

The gardens are open for a stroll through the Sculpture Park, and to see the Gallo-Roman remains.

The main archeological relics discovered during the excavations in Martigny are in exhibition at the Gallo-Roman Museum, and some fifty vintage cars can be seen in the Automobile Museum. The Foundation also houses the Louis and Evelyn Frank Collection, as well as a space dedicated to the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

In the exibition basement, this most beautiful Swiss museum houses about fifty ancient cars in perfect working order - a remarkable collection of cars, many of them made in Switzerland.
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Rue du Forum 59, 1920 Martigny