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Automobilmuseum Fichtelberg

Automobilmuseum Fichtelberg
Nagler Weg 9
95686 Fichtelberg, Germany

Website: amf-museum.de

Facebook: fb.com/AutomobilmuseumFichtelberg

The Fichtelberg Museum documents 120 years of automobile and motorcycle history with over 250 exhibits covering the years 1898 to 2002. It began as a private collection compiled by Perry Eckert and is now housed in an attractive refurbished factory and open to the public. In addition to the numerous fine Italian sports cars there are luxury saloons, microcars and a good selection of well-presented motorcycles.

These include Munch Mammut, veteran NSU, a long line of 80s sports machines (Ducati, BMW, Z1R etc), Zundapp Bella, 50's Guzzi and Sachs-engined machines, an RE5...

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