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MYMSA Motorcycle Museum

Cousins Josep and Jaume Aragall, who are the sons of the MYMSA founders of same names and who were also successful engineers in their working life, have created a lasting monument to the work of their fathers. Based in a large building on the outskirts of Barcelona, they have created a MYMSA Collection and Museum. The building has three distinct areas; a large workshop, a storage area where MYMSA motorcycles in various conditions await restoration or provide spare parts; and third, a large display area where there are restored (or in some cases replicas) of all the motorcycles that MYMSA produced. They are displayed in chronological order and the walls carry a photographic archive of the marque along with numerous items of period publicity material.

The MYMSA Collection is open by arrangement. They can be contacted via their website at

The site covers the history of the marque along with extensive model information including their three-wheelers.

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