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Tomos Collection Slovenia

Private Collection

Delpinova Street 12 Nova Gorica
6000 Koper, Slovenia
Egon Fornazaric manages the small museum, does most of the restorations, and also runs a Tomos racing team.
Facebook: fb.com/tomosmuzej

The collection does not appear to have a website. This page speaks of a visit: okriders.net

The page gives an impression of the extent of the collection of Tomos mopeds in excellent condition, including several racing machines of which it says, "Tomos 50cc racing specials develop up to 18 hp and achieve speeds of 160 to 180 km / h"

It also mentions that the 1969 50cc Tomos D 6 has 6 speeds and could do 160km / h and was the most successful Tomos racer.

Tomos GP Matulja produced from 1978 to 1983 had a 6 speed 49cc engine developing 18hp and could achieve a speed of 180km / h. One example did 204 km / h and became European champion in 1982. Over 200 km/h on a 50cc!

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