European Motorcycles

ZeitHaus Automuseum

D-38440 Wolfsburg

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The collections in the ZeitHaus museum are largely of classic cars within a modern artistic setting.

Specialist collections inspire considerable interest, such as those featuring an important anniversary of Ducati and another displaying iconic motorcycles of yesteryear - some of the most exotic machines made in Germany and France which in some cases were years, decades even, ahead of their time.

The Motorrad Ikonen exhibition included:

    Alcyon 306A 1936 OHV 346 cc
    Bat 1913 with wicker sidecar
    Brough Superior Four 1932
    Brough Superior SS80 1925 990 cc V-twin
    Hildebrand & Wolfmüller 1894
    Laurin & Klement Type B 1901
    Motosacoche A1 1904 211 cc
    Wilkinson T.M.C. 1913 IOE 848cc, 10 PS,
    Schmid 1924 175cc OHV
    Wooler Model B 1919
    Zenith-Jap Brooklands 1925 DOHC 344 cc
    Wanderer 748cc OHC V-twin Type H 1927

An exhibition of the same name was held at another German museum and became the subject of a rather beautiful coffee-table art book.

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