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Oldtimer Motoren Museum Bruges

Belgian Museum of Historic and Classic Motorcycles

The museum has some 110 machines in the collection including Solex, Flandria, Rex, Cyclo-Tracteur, Gnom, Alcyon, Puch, Kriedler, a simply superb 1920s FN OHV single, and of course several Mobylettes. The exhibits are surrounded by a remarkable collection of related automobilia.

It's a must-see if you're visiting the ancient city of Bruges.

Groenedijkstraat 5a, 8460 Oudenburg
Website: Oldtimer Motoren Museum
Facebook: fb.com/bikers.loft.groenedijk/

    That you missed me in Bruges where I live is catastrophic....
    Most visitors are English, then Dutch people and then from all over de world: we had a rally from Aussies with Indians last year, Americans, this winter from Iceland....

    We display 100 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds between 1914 and 1978....most European material.
    so we have a Scott, Panther, Triumphs and a Triton, Ducati, Praga, La Mondiale and of course many Belgian marques: FN, Gillet, Sarolea, Flandria ....