European Motorcycles

Motorcycles at the Beamish Museum

The motorcycle section is forms but a small section of the quite substantial Beamish Museum.

"Presented as Beamish Motor & Cycle Works, the motor garage opened in 1994. Reflecting the custom nature of the early motor trade, where only one in 232 people owned a car in 1913, the shop features a showroom to the front (not accessible to visitors), with a garage area to the rear, accessed via the adjacent archway. The works is a replica of a typical garage of the era. Much of the museum's car, motorcycle and bicycle collection, both working and static, is stored in the garage.[46] The frontage has two storeys, but the upper floor is only a small mezzanine and is not used as part of the display." ~ Wikipedia

Address: Beamish Museum, County Durham, England.

Website: beamish.org.uk

Further information: friendsofbeamish.co.uk/motorcarsbikes/

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