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Dresden Transport Museum

Verkehrsmuseum Dresden (Dresden Transport Museum)
Augustusstraße 1, 01067 Dresden

Website: verkehrsmuseum-dresden.de
Facebook: fb.com/Verkehrsmuseum.Dresden

In 2017 the museum held a special exhibition for MZ motorcycles. Their page has this to say:

    "... 95 years ago the first motorized two-wheeler was built in Zschopau, 60 years ago the new brand name "MZ" was launched. Reason enough to dedicate a special exhibition to the motorcycle brand MZ.

    Zschopau is regarded as the cradle and high-rise of motorcycle construction in Germany. At times, it was the largest motorcycle factory in the world. The motorcycles of the brand MZ - lovingly nicknamed "Emme" by their fans - were not only very popular in the GDR, but also true export camps. The coveted two-acters conquered the world and rolled on the streets in 100 countries.

    The machines from Zschopau also belonged to the world championship in racing. In the 1960s, the Enduro team from the GDR won six times the legendary Six Days, the most important and hardest six-day motocross race in the world. Until 1989, MZ was one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. In total, 2.5 million motorcycles left the factory in Zschopau.

    In the Verkehrsmuseum the MZ-history will come back to life.... Impressively, a cross-section of the wide MZ product range, which included 30 series and MZ special designs, was exhibited. 33 series motorbikes, racing machines and coaches, as well as special models in the state service from the period from 1950 to 2005 can be seen, complemented by extensive picture material, films and historical documents."

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