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Deutsches Zweirad & NSU Museum

Deutsches Zweirad & NSU Museum
Urbanstraße 11
74172 Neckarsulm, Germany

Website: zweirad-museum.de
Facebook: NSU Zweiradmuseum Neckarsulm

The museum represents an absorbing history of two wheels, with more than 400 exhibits of German bicycles and motorcycles. Displayed within the "Deutschorden-Castle" one can follow the development of the bicycle from the "Drais'schen Laufmaschine" to the first "Niedersicherheitsfahrräder". The motorised cycle can also be tracked from A to Z - Adler to Zündapp; - with some 50 manufacturers represented including those from Neckarsulm, home of the NSU company whose success has no peer.

The museum has many events and special exhibitions.

Sources Zweirad Museum et al.

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