German Motorrad

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Address: Rathenower Straße 8 in 14770 Brandenburg ad Havel.

From the site:

When Brandenburg was still a bicycle city

Since 2015, Günter Bauch's private collection has given visitors a comprehensive insight into the historic bicycle production of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel in the rooms of an old carpentry shop at Rathenower Straße 8. In addition to exhibits from the well-known manufacturers Brennabor, Corona, Excelsior and Kondor, there are also exhibits from smaller companies that only produced bicycles in small numbers. The exhibition also features a collection of steering head plates, as well as extensive ancillary material ranging from bicycle accessories to contemporary advertising and catalogues. The collection thus offers the opportunity to get to know the development of the individual bicycle factories in the industrial location of Brandenburg.

Marques discussed include Brennabor, Corona, Excelsior, Kondor, Colibri, Alexander, Brandenburgia and Müchenberg.

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