Today in Motorcycle History

The Riverside Museum is the current location of the Glasgow Museum of Transport, completed on 20 June 2011, at Pointhouse Quay in the Glasgow Harbour regeneration district.

Riverside displays some of the world's finest cars, bicycles, ship models, trams and locomotives.

There are 85 motorcycles in the collection which include:

1903 Humber Beeston, Late 1920s Ariel, AJS V-twin 800cc c1920, Ducati 916 1994, Ariel Arrow, BSA B31 1948, BSA Bantam D1 1957, Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee, Fanny B. Cruiser, Dominator 99, Douglas 1929, Scott 1949, Matchless GS 1960, Norton Inter 1937, AJS Model 18 1946, R.E. 1930 Model G, Triumph Model H, HD JD, BSA 1925 Model L, Ner-a-Car, RE Flying Flea, Vincent Rapide, BSA R17 1936, Triumph Tiger 90 Combination 1968, Zenith 1913 Type C, Velo LE, Sunbeam S7, Isetta 300, Kabinroller by Messerschmit, Kingsbury scooter 1921, Vespa.

Of particular interest is a Beardmore Precision Model C sidecar combination built by Beardmore Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, 1922.

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