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Made in Yugoslavia 1956 to c.1990
Slovenia from 1991

Tomos History

The Tomos factory was established in Karst in 1954, and began production of motorcycles in 1956, building a range of 49cc mopeds and mofas, expanding into larger capacity two-strokes of 87cc & 174cc. Some of these machines were produced at a factory in Epe, Holland, and it appears that some of the Dutch-made machines were assembled in Sweden. In 1957 they were marketing Tomos Puchs including the 250SG range and RL125 Galeb scooters. In 1970 they released the Tomos Norton TN 750 Fastback.

Since 1991, the factory has been in Slovenia. Output is still largely 50cc mopeds, some of which are surprisingly quick.

Tomos machines were imported into Australia by Velcraft Pty. Ltd. in 2008

Tue Mar 08 2016
windrx7 at hotmail.com
Tomos T-15
Looking for a 1971 Tomos -T-15 parts catalog & parts to buy
Ontario Canada

Wed May 06 2015
willymar1 at iprimus.com.au
new clutch tomos 49 cc 1996
Tomos Tomos
need a new clutch for a tomos 49 cc Sprint year 1996.

Wed Oct 05 2011
dirk.rummens<at>hotmail dot com
workshop manuel
I'm looking for a workshop manuel for a TOMOS e90(see picture). I want to restore one, but I can't find the mauel, can someone help me?
Leopoldsburg, Belgium

Tue May 17 2011
froggiewoman1<at>hotmail dot com
Tomo Golden Bullet
My brother has a 1990 Tomo Golden Bullet that is in mint condition but when it was getting serviced I was told that it needed a "stater". So I'm looking for a "stater" a.k.a. pickup coil. Does anyone know where I can find one? Please respond to froggiewoman1 at hotmail.com. Thanks for your time!!
Carrollton, Ohio

Wed May 04 2011
rjyakimchuk<at>pcl dot com
Parts Required
Tomos Targa
My wife and I both have a Targa, and both are having carburator problems.  Where can I get carburator parts near Minneapolis, Minnesota?
Minnesota, USA

Sat Jul 10 2010 chiaramarcuzzilibero.it motorcycles
ITOM e TOMOS competizione Queste SONO alcune mie moto da corsa Itom 65 Competizione TOMOS D6 50 cc TORINO Italy 

Mon Apr 19 2010
glenn-whita<at>hotmail dot com

Tomos TX50
The chain had broken so I replace the chain and now the kick start lever want go down to get it start so is their a local shop in my area that service this model

Sun Feb 14 2010
thedominics at btinternet dot com
tomos a3 new frame
tomos a3
hi all i have a brand new tomos a3 frame in blue got a couple of scratches on it. any idea of its value please let me know cheers chris.

Fri Oct 16 2009
triumphbloke2006 at aol dot com

Tomos Tango
Hi. Does anyone know of a Tomos parts supplier still operating in the UK? Thanks. Ken
London, UK

Wed Oct 07 2009
alquimistadelatemple at hotmail dot com
Tomos Colibri sell motorcycle T12
Tomos Colibri T12 motorcycle sell asked whether there is any interested.
Uruguay, Montevideo.

Sat Sep 12 2009
jlsanderson at onetel dot com
UK Agency
Tomos Sprint Moped or similar
Where can I find UK agent

Wed Jun 24 2009
dirkvhn at hotmail dot com
Tomos Colibri
I want to buy a Tomos in Sloveniƫ. Can you provide me any Slovenian websites for buy and sale? Thank you. Dirk

Thu May 21 2009
tomoped at hotmail dot com
need help?
tomos colibri, apn, automatic, laura...
I am a collector/restorer of older Tomos mopeds and im from slovenia. If you need help with anything just send me an email and i'll do my best to help.
keep up the good work and keep those mopeds running...

Fri Apr 17 2009
stargazershela at gmail dot com
trouble starting- nitro
tomos nitro 50cc
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what maybe problem. The battery turns over but engine doesn't catch.

Mon Jan 19 2009
bassmikey at hotmail dot com
1980 Tomos bullet
Tomos Bullet ( early A3 )
hello mike here from langley BC, does anyone know where i could get any older tomos bullet parts from. my bike stopped giving spark after i presure washed the gas tank. thanks for your help

Tue Oct 21 2008
gpmiddlebrook at gmail dot com
tomos 1990 a3 50
can i get the wireing diagram emaild to me if any one has it thanks

Wed Oct 01 2008
jeffhaydon at yahoo dot com
tomos slovenia dynojet???
Looking for keys and some extra parts if you know where we can get them. Thanks
chicago il.

Fri Aug 29 2008
nemanja84 at sbcglobal.net
TOMOS 2007 Revival TS
I am looking for spare parts for this bike. I am also looking for performance part. This moped has new A55 engine.
Saint Louis, MO, USA

Sun Aug 24 2008
actionele at comcast.net
Tomos streetmate '06
can't find a part 27mm deep socketm to take off front sproket. any ideas

Fri Apr 18 2008
sune.svedin at tyfonmail.se
year of build
Tomos Tomos
I have a Tomos moped with unknown year, how can I find out this? The serial # is 79366 and motor # is 7936619 (the 1 in this number is diffus but I think it is 1.
Regards Sune
Gnarp Sweden

Mon Jan 28 2008
catsrule at comporium.net
Inquiry for Tomos Arrow
Tomos Arrow
Seeking information on purchase in US of Tomos Arrow mopeds.  Need prices, color, etc.

Sun Jan 27 2008
sdpuff62168 at yahoo dot com
18 hp boat motor
tomos 18 hp
can i get parts from you for my tomos boat motor

Thu Nov 08 2007
katirimmer at yahoo.ca
Recall information required
2005 Tomas Moped
Could you please provide me with the recall print out for the following moped: serial # ZZ1A621295K112712
Ontario, Canada

Wed Sep 26 2007
Tam7-cali<AT>yahoo dot com
Any info helps
Tom A3 50
I recently aquired a little moped, after some digging and cleaning I think I have an 88 TOMOS A3 50 Bullet. It is in very bad shape, but runs. I know nothing about motors, if I decided to keep it a fix it up will it cost me a fortune or should I just toss it?
Washington, DC

July 31st 2007
corvair at comcast.net
In case you wanted to know it's an '88 Tomos Bullet. Do you want before & after pics or just the finished product? 

Wed Jul 25 2007
jwilliamette at msn dot com
Tomos Mopeds
I am looking buying one of your bikes

Any idea where I can buy one in Mpls Minnesota?

Thu Jun 21 2007
jthomas at lvc.edu
tomos moped
2004 targa kx
looking for side covers,both left and right,red in color

Sat Jan 27 2007
montrailp at yahoo dot com
How can I get a key my moped
Targa LX 2000-TOM A 3550
I need to get a key for this moped. Its been in my storage for years and someone that I know wants to see if it still works. The VIN# IS ZZ1A6512. How do I go about getting a key

Wed Sep 27 2006
rockys at qcislands.net
tomos targa
Targa LX
Looking for wiring diagrams of the Tomos Targa LX or where to go for them.

Thu Sep 14 2006
brian.weitkamp at aexp.se
Spare parts
Tomos with M48
Have a Tomos moped from abt 1970 with M48 Anker Laura Motor. Need new clutch parts and "packning" for the Encarwi A22 carb. Do you have any info where to get this, probably in Holland as made there and put together in Sweden. Thanks a lot!
reply in engl.or german fine. Rgds Brian

Tue Sep 12 2006
tlturnbull at cityofbryan.net
Turn Signals for Tomos Sprint
1996 Sprint
Is it possible to place turn signals on my son's 1996 Tomos Sprint?  Is there a kit one can purchase to put them on? thanks
Here are a few pictures of my son's moped, wondering if there is a way to put turn signals on his 96 Tomos Sprint.
Thanks for your help.

Fri Sep 08 2006
kenneth-cohan at hotmail dot com
moped spares
tomos A3MS moped
I need the spacers for the front wheel spindle. I have attached photograhs of the front wheel assembly, without the spacers but I have also attched a sketch of the spacers required.

Mon Aug 28 2006
evanlewis87 at yahoo dot com
wont start?
tomos A35 50cc
it wont start at all any ideas? or do you have anything to get it started.

Fri Aug 04 2006
j.wehmeier at worldnet.att.net
Tomos Motrocycles/Mopeds
I live in the USA, in St. Louis, Mo. Where can I find a dealer near me that handles Tomos products.
St. Louis, Mo. 63110, USA

July 06
M4WC453 at aol dot com
I am trying to find parts to a 1990 tomos A3 . I need the engine ride side cover & the left side. I need the left turn signal & horn warness.

Thu May 25 2006
blmc at hotmail dot com
Tomos Repair & Parts Manuals (online)
TOMAS A3, A35, & Revival
Go to mopedriders.org and get all the information on the models above.
Manuals seem to be in 4 languages but they don't seem to have golden bullet information. still looking

Tue Apr 18 2006
g.l.kelly at netzero dot com
Thomos motercycle
1986 Tom A3 50 Bullet
I have 2 of thse with low milage. Is there any manuals available for these Or parts such as speed odometer cable.Also the engine seems to have a loud knock when on no load while riding.
Washington State

Thu Apr 06 2006
fzweeren at chello.nl
tomos sf1
i like to know everyting about the tomos s1 ore the sf1

Thu Mar 30 2006
sakipia at hotmail dot com
Please send it to me tomos dealer in Macedonia, Skopje.

Thu Nov 03 2005
prima.ribica at siol.net
Yugoslavia is gone so Tomos is from 1991 Slovenian factory. I m sending you english link to history of this factory:
www.tomos.si (404)
Congratulations for the site!

Fri May 06 2005
keegan-14-05 at hotmail.co.uk
the tomos moped
my moped timing is out we have ajusted it but it fires to late i might need new points please help

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005
subject: Moped Exhaust Pipes
Email: reyesgutie at aol dot com
message: Hello,
Could you please tell me which exhaust pipe would be better for my tomos targa with a 70cc kit? A technigas or bullet muffler? How much faster would it make it go? Thankyou for you time.

Haynes published a manual for Tomos mopeds 1982-1991

If you have a query about Tomos motorcycles please contact us