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Peugeot Motorcycles

Manufactured since 1899
Cycles Peugeot
Beaulieu-Valentigney (Doubs)

Current address: Address: 8 Rue du 17 novembre, Beaulieu-Mandeure, 25350 Franche-Comté, Doubs

Peugeot history dates from 1810 when the brothers Peugeot, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédéric, opened a business in a steel-producing town in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France.

By the late 19th century they were building penny-farthing bicycles and within a few years cars and motorcycles of superior quality were leaving the factory.

The first motorcycles were built in 1899, fitted with Zédèl engines, and by 1902 these were named Peugeot-Zédèl, with the name cast into the crankcase. The first Peugeot engines were produced in 1904, and in 1905 four new V-twin engines were released, all with the letters PF (Peugeot Frères) embossed on the cases.

Norton won the 1907 Isle of Man running a Peugeot V-twin.

1920 saw the establishment of the Peugeot Cycles company which focused on the production of motorcycles. That year their first bevel-drive SOHC 498cc engine was released, designed by Romanian engineer Jean Antoinescu. (1) Throughout the 1930s the company focused on 350cc and 500cc singles, and acquired other marques in the process including Griffon, Magnat-Debon, Terrot and Automoto.

In the years following the Second World War lightweights of 98cc to 246cc were manufactured, along with scooters and triporteurs.

1. Mick Walker's European Racing Motorcycles

Peugeot engines were used in many other motorcycle brands including:

Detailed information on a number of earlier Peugeot models may be found at JLB-Creations

Paris Salon, December 1901

§ 2. - Peugeot motorcycle.

It is also the weight of the Peugeot motorcycle, whose motor, one and a half horsepower, narrow enough to be housed between the pedals, is tilted below the part of the frame that connects the crankset to the fork. Its speed is 25 to 40 kilometers per hour.

§ 2. - Motobicyclette Peugeot. C’est aussi le poids de la motobicyclette Peugeot, dont le moteur, d’un cheval et demi, assez étroit pour être logé entre les pédales, est incliné au-dessous de la partie du cadre qui relie le pédalier à la fourche. Sa vitesse en palier est de 25 à 40 kilomètres par heure.

Denis Blaizot in Gloubik Science

Paris Salon, 1902

Peugeot Freres, Paris, have a very large stand, mainly showing ordinary bicycles, but six motor-bicycles are exhibited. The motors are mounted in two positions : one pattern being the inclined position inside the frame, and the other vertical, the motor crank case connecting the down tube and bottom bracket. A Longuemare pattern carburetter is used, and twisted hide belts are used throughout. A belt rim brake is used in addition to a front tyre brake. Controlling gear is simple and well disposed. The inclined motor pattern has a novelty in silencers, this being an aluminium box forming part of the motor clamp casting for the frame. The exhaust is brought into the box by a short pipe connection. The ignition works on the usual high tension system. 26 inch wheels are used throughout, fitted with Dunlop tyres.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902.

Italian Article 1910

Rivista mensile del touring club ciclistico italiano, 1910

"PEUGEOT. - An important innovation in the motorcycles was applied to motorcycles Peugeot type 1904. It consists this new application in an elastic fork that cushions the blows from the front wheel are transmitted to the handlebars.

The types given by the Fratelli Picena company (representative of Peugeot) are different. We'll talk about qualchcduno."

(qualchcduno does not appear to be an Italian word. Closest is qualcuno, which in context is meaningless )

PEUGEOT. — Una notevolc'ed importante innovazione nelle motociclette venne applicata alle motociclette Peugeot tipo 1904. Consiste questa nuova applicazione in una forcella elastica che attutisce i colpi che dalla ruota anteriore si trasmettono al manubrio.

I tipi esposti dalla ditta Fratelli Picena (rappresentante della Peugeot) sono diversi. Parleremo di qualchcduno.

Peugeot built a DOHC twin with four valve heads in 1914. The war brought an end to development but it was revived in the early 1920s and redesigned using an SOHC head with two valves per cylinder.

Sources: JLB Creations, Wikipedia, Henshaw, Mick Walker, Cycle Memory

d.works66 at yahoodotcom
1951 Peugeot P55AL
Hello, I'm looking for any help I can find to lightly restore my 51 P55AL?
I am just trying to get it cleaned back up and put it back in proper condition for some light riding around car shows.
I have added some pictures for reference.
I'm looking for and parts suppliers and literature that may still be available?
Thank you,
Don Child

There is limited Peugeot information under French Resources. Should you find other sources of note can you please advise so that they may be added.
Peugeot-1951-P55AL-DCi images posted to Comments

07-May-2021 jaanus.heina at
Peugeot P135
Hello, Can anybody help me to identify my Peugeot P135. What year its made Engine number is 200615 chassis nr 84693
jaanus heina
jaanus.heina a t
Peugeot P135
Hello, Can anybody help me to identify my Peugeot P135. What year its made Engine number is 200615 chassis nr 84693
jaanus heina

There is a Peugeot section on this page: Engine and Frame Numbers
downa at
Peugeot TC 4. 1950??
Hi I have bought and am restoring this bike. I may need some help to get the registration document from France as it is registered there but been off road for many years. I am in UK and dont speak French
Somerset UK

The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share. Documentation
pjhall at stormca
1957 s5c (maybe)
I'm thinking about picking up an old Peugeot scooter. The owner has no idea what model or year it is. After looking at hundreds of images on Google it looks like a 1957 S57C. Would parts be readily available for this and can I send a picture of it to confirm year and model?
Pete Hall
Lanark, Ontario Canada

A post to one of the French scooter forums with the frame number and engine number will possibly elicit useful information. An image of the ID plate if available would of course simplify the process.
AdamBunce at
Peugeot SX80 French Military Motorbike
Hi, I don't know if you would be able to help me or point me in a direction of help. I have recently inherited a Peugeot SX80 French Military Bike which has currently has a French number plate on it. I would love to get it registered so that I could ride it on British roads. I understand I would need a dating certificate to do this but I can't find any info on where I would be able to obtain one. I believe it was registered in France in 1982 but the original sales receipt from when my Uncle purchased the bike in 1997 has been defaced. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks,
Adam Bunce
United Kingdom

The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share. Documentation - Ownership, Registration, Paperwork
tonyhetherington at
peugeot BB 1963
need a new clutch non variatior as pictures, can any one help ?
Tony Hetherington
Kettering England

Peugeot BB 1963 image posted to Comments

knrd17 at
Hi Guys. I need all the plastic and rubber parts from this bike if possible. IE Tail light lens, Fuel Cap, Foot-rest rubbers, Tank side rubbers, plus fork Cap nuts, Headlight lens and surround assembly. Hoping you can help or give advice. ........
I am a retired Aircraft Maintenance engineer and just starting a full refurb of a 1956 Peugeot 256 TC4-A (2 stroke, 250 twin ) in Qld Aust. The bike is fairly complete, but of course there are many rubber and plastic parts that are simply 'time expired'; plus a few more that I now find to be missing.
This is my first attempt to get a contact in Europe for parts, a few of which I listed in the first note, but there are several more like a seat, switches and possibly even the unique handlebars.
As far as we can find, there are literally no other bikes of this model in Aust, except for a friend who has a 125cc version of the same era and needless to say, we are colluding on our research.
So we are desperately in need of any information that you may be able to provide regarding places to contact or helpful websites. Sadly we cannot converse in French.
Please see attached a picture of the bike to give you an idea of the project.
Thanks in anticipation of whatever you may be able to suggest.
Ralph Donelan
Queensland Australia

There are a couple of forums listed under French Resources. Every chance some kind soul will point you in the right direction if you post there.

Image posted to Comments

jochen.niemann at
Hi, i want to bring my P51 back on the road. Do you have any information of this vehcle?
Technical data, dealers for spareparts etc.
On the type plate is Model CH1 and No.: 44340.
I do not have any other informations, if it is helpfull I can send you photos.
Thank you
Jochen Niemann
near Stuttgart Germany

  • Further information on the P51 will be posted as it becomes available.

harris61 at
Peugeot 175cc 1954 2 stroke
I am renovating the 1954 Peugeot motorcycle. Having now come to the engine.I find it is very short on internals
Could please advise me where I might be able to purchase an engine I am prepared to travel
Many thanks.
David Harris
Isle of Wight

The page on French Resources may be of help.
doctorproctor360 at
Peugeot p55 1940s
Doing restoration on p55 Peugeot 1940s but it's that bad it has no tyres so need to know what size they are to order new ones of any one can help
Sheffield england
muzntgrumble at
1948 p55c
I have just received a dating certificate for my Peugeot p55c from Peugeot.
Here are their contact details if needed by anyone else.
Peugeot Scooters rue du 17 novembre 25706 VALENTYGNEY CEDEX
patstrings at
Peugeot type 55GL 1951
DVLA in UK require a dating letter from an owner's club to register my restored bike. Any idea of a such an owner's club in the UK please?
Patrick John Hernon

Try classic motorcycle clubs at Bikelinks
If you find a useful source for this information it would be great to add it here: Documentation

theminifitter at
Puch 250 split single 1967
Is there a gasket between the oil pump and were it mounts on the left hand crank case as the workshop manuel is not very clear on this.
George Wilson
N. Ireland U.K.

Honzastody at
Peugeot Bima 195?
Hello. I am looking for drive belt that can be used in Peugeot Bima motor bicycle. Can you help me?
Jan Stodola
Olomouc, Czech Republic

banddmotorcycles at tiscali dot
1957 Peugeot TAL 125 Engine
I want to rebuild this engine, and need as much info as possible about it. Can you point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreiciated.
Brian, Greater Manchester

hanskristiansen at dot uk
peugeot p55/p57? 1956 engine number 589996
Hi I am looking for engine gasket set for this peugeot 125cc.
Have looking for weeks and I cant find the gasket set for it.
I do hope for some help
Hans K Kristiansen
Scotland biggar ml126ft
MatthiasZimmermann1990 at
I am from Germany and i would buy a Peugeot 98 D Motocycle. The Problem is the German "TÜV" ask for technical Data like Speed, Power, Noise, and the Wheel combination. The Question is do you have something like this or can you help me to find something like this? The only Document i have is the original from 1956

Greetings from Germany Matthias Zimmermann
Matthias Zimmermann
Müllenbach DE / RLP
  • Peugeot-98D-Document.jpg posted to comments, below. (Sorry, two sets of comments as we're changing systems. Sept 2020)
    This page may prove helpful in your search for documentation: French Resources

chris.genge at sky.con
Peugeot Bima 1954-56
Hi, ive recently bought a Bima and keen to register it for uk, but dont want Q plates. Do you know or can you point me 8n the direction of somebody who might be able to help me.  
Weston super Mare

Try this page: Documentation - Ownership, Registration, Paperwork
If you do find a useful source for such information do let me know so that I may add it to the page.

Tue, 25 Jul 2017
dane1985 at
Peugeot 1957 57 tas

Recently acquired the model above and trying to find information on the electrical system and how battery is charged and lights etc are wired. Also have low spark on magneto to spark plug. Not sure if you can help or if right place but hopefully point me in a correct direction.
Dane chapman
Exeter United Kingdom

Please supply images including one of ID plate, along with engine and frame numbers. Ed.

Mon Jul 17 2017
rogeratendale at
Frame and engine number
Peugeot BB1
I have a Peugeot BB1st moped with no papers. It has a number: 2019571 stamped on the frame and engine. Can you point me to anyone who may be able to identify its year of manufacture?
Salisbury UK

What year is it please, and do you have images?

The BB1 moped was introduced in early 1956. The BB1 has a single-speed, Peugeot 102-style 50cc engine, and appears to have continued in production for at least a decade. The also built the BB2, a 2-speed version.

This page may help:
Serial Numbers: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers

Sat Jun 24 2017
motas.kucera at

May I ask if you have technical data for motorcycle Peugeot 55AL? And if you have, could you please copy them and send them?
Thank you

Information on the 55 series will be added to a new section shortly. (No response)

Sat Apr 29 2017
badbonesphotos at
parts that fit peugeot p55-gl 1955
peugeot p55-gl

hope you can help me with some parts to my motorcycle. I have a p55-gl peugeot motorcycle and in need of some parts
- Piston with rings, piston pin and pin bearing
- Connecting rod with big end bearing
- Crankshaft journal or a good used crank with a connecting rod attached
- gaskets
was wondering if there is another motorcycle company that will work with my bike or maybe point me in a direction to get some vintage parts.
Tony, California

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Mon Mar 20 2017
smb1962 at
peugeot type 55
Can you give me any contacts for spare parts, thanks

Thu Dec 01 2016
smb1962 at
peugrot p 55tc manusl
peugeot p55tc 1954
Could you please tell me were I can get s service manusl

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Wed Mar 30 2016
andybird.svsdc at
peugeot p103 1927
I have a 1927 peugeot p 103 motorcycle, I have a dating letter from peugeot, DVLA will not accept it as it is written in french, is there an owners club please

Thu Mar 03 2016
hayleyjones2 at
Hi i have a peugeot Bima 1950s imported so need to do a nova but i cannot find the frame number, can you tell me where it should be please

<lloyd7342 at>
Lloyd Watson
Cornwall UK
Peugeot BB3 SP
Piston / Gearchange lever
Wanted left side twistgrip which operates the gear box    . thanks to previous message now have a new piston Thank you


Dan Zeitz <danzeitz at>
Peugeot BB104 1963

looking for parts for restoration. Please HELP none in the states!

Thu Oct 29 2015
lloyd7342 at
Peugeot 1960 BB5 SP
I am looking for a piston for this model .
Cornwall TR15 1SU

Wed Apr 08 2015
bas.tims at HOTMAIL.COM
Peugeot 205 GTI

I'm restoring a Peugeot 205 GTI which has an AMC throttle on it.
I'm looking for parts of this throttle (new) and would like to know if the factory is still operational or where can I get new parts? Peugeot has no parts any more.

The Peugeot 205 GTI is from 1991
Please help.
Arnhem, Netherlands

Mon Jan 05 2015
christensenjj at
Peugeot S57 Scooters
Peugeot S57
I Have 2 of these scooters sitting in my garage and i know that one of them runs but the other i am sure would as well with a little work. i dont know where to start with getting parts and have looked all over the place and cant find a thing. also would like to know what the heck they may be worth if i were to sell them. believe they are both rust free and in pretty good shape for their age. believe there are circa 1950 or so. any help would be appreciated. thank you.
South Dakota

Sun Apr 13 2014
nigelbateman40 at
frame number
peugeot cyclo sport bb3
position of frame number
bournemouth england

Fri Mar 28 2014
phil at
Peugeot 102 moped unsure
Looking for tires/tubes please. Ref 2-16 cyclomoteur.

Sun Feb 16 2014
flynnaaron at
Repair/parts manual
1980 Peugeot Moppet scooter moppet 102 speed 49cc
Hi, I'm trying to locate a parts/service manual for my friend for his Peugeot 1980 Moppet Scooter 102 sp 49cc
I'm hoping you might know where to get one?
Thank you for your time!
Ca., U.S.

Tue Sep 17 2013

Spares needed for restoration
Peugeot 176
Spare parts needed for 1949 Peugeot 176 motorcycle restoration , looking for exhaust brackets to swinging arm, centre stand spring righthand side engine / sprocket / flywheel cover, handbook / repair manual , list of dealers new and used - breakers ect.all parts considered
Hull, England

Fri Sep 06 2013
Peugeot Type 55
Hi Does Anyone Have a Good Set of Leg Shields for My Peugeot type55 ,

Sun Jun 30 2013
peugeot 102
i would like to see if parts iff a 1977 peugeot 103 will fit on my 1976 peugeot 102? i can not find any info on if that would fit. i am in canada and there is not may kicking around.

thanks for your time


Fri Jun 28 2013
Peugeot 515 SP
I have a Peugeot 515 SP and am in the process of restoring the bike. The wiring junction box cover (Peugeot part 15491, Couvercle de boite de raccord) is missing the tag that was originally on it; holes are there, tag is missing. I have been unable to locate a tag or even a photo of what the tag looks like so that I can reproduce it. Is there any chance you would have a photo of that tag in your personal archives somewhere? Thank you.
Troy, Michigan, USA

Fri Apr 05 2013
1960 motor scooter
Peugeot 125 CC Frame no 124702
Need to locate a sorce of spares
or owners club

Wed Mar 20 2013
Peugeot xps 50, with an am6 engine and dellorto carb
dell'orto PHBN 12
i have take the carb out inorder to clean it and put it back in the bike ... see under Dellorto

Thu Aug 04 2011
Pavel Hruška
I looking for documentation abou Peugeot 107 350 sv
Teplice Czech Republic

Mon Aug 08 2011
nabil<at>jolleystraveldot com
motorbycycle102 peugeot 102
i have an old peugeot motobyke 102, between 1971-1973. I need some parts of the byke. Please help me to find them

Wed Oct 20 2010
Looking for fuel tank and seat.
peugeot 1960 BB 3 Sport
Hi, Just got a 1960 BB 3 Sport from a private collector, seems the tank and seat have been changed, look cool, but would like to finr correct ones, any help?

Thu Sep 16 2010
pkmkdk<at>msndot com
peugeot scooter parts
peugeot # 103
I am looking for a points and condenser replacement kit. The name of a retail store or name/make of substitute parts would be great. Thanks
tampa fl, usa

Fri Apr 09 2010
Peugeot ??
I recently bought a motorcycle as a restoration project (see picture). The identification badge is unreadable. I think it might be a 1958 model. Can you help identifiyng and where can I could find some additional info (and spare-parts?
Many thanks
Leuven, Belgium

Mon Feb 01 2010
aavalles at
1961 Peugeot BB3 Sport
Peugeot BB3 Sport
I am trying to get values on the motor scooter since I want to sell it. Any guidance you can give would be appreciated!

Tue Jan 12 2010
ivan-57 at hotmaildot com
classic lion peugeot
peugeot 1900-1913
hi, I have a lion peugeot moped. i want to know what year is it and where can i sell it.

thank you

Thu Oct 22 2009
jennifer.sims70 at hotmaildot com
1978 Peugeot 103
Peugeot 103
Trying to find out value of this moped I have acquired.Been garage kept entire life. Last tagged in 1985. ALL original excellent condition.

Thu Apr 09 2009
pingeylm at hotmaildot com
A price range for a Peugeot
Peugeot motorcycle 1966 CT
On the title it says: CT mircyc - for the model.
If this is not the model where do I find it on the machine?

I do not ride. The Peugeot was given to me by my father.

It is in good condition and has been sitting in my garage since 1967. I beleive it needs new tires and possibly a new gas line. The seat has a few cracks in the leather.
I have searched every where trying to find a fair price to sell this for. Can you help with a suggestion for the price range?

Thank you.

V.L. Murphy
Redford, MI

The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Mar 11 2009
jurkiel at
Peugeot what model is that?
Peugeot ??
I found Peugeot for sale , it is i think the same model as on picture on your web site and I can not find information what model is that ( this blue peugeot on the right)


Sun Mar 01 2009
dstout457 at yahoodot com
Peugeot moped tires
Peugeot old
Looking for (2) 1.75 x 19 whitewall tires

Vintage Tyres

Wed Nov 05 2008
all2strokes at bigponddot com
Peugeot p55 125cc piston
Hi I am looking for a piston for a Peugeot p55 125cc tgl or tcl?? not sure which but I think it is a 1955 model

Wed Oct 01 2008
pieceofm1nd at yahoodot com
23'' tires and tubes
64' peugeot moped
I have never run acrossed 23in. tires until today. They are also white wall which makes them harder to find all together. where can i find them? anyone?

Vintage Tyres

Mon Sep 29 2008
cullumsri at
motorcycle parts
x125lc peugeot
can anyone tell me where i can get parts for this bike, i need speedo cable, front pads and rear shoes

Tue Aug 12 2008
eatsgrape at aoldot com
1978 Peugeot 103SP carburator
Peugeot 103 SP
I am looking for a NEW or good used carburator for a 1978 Peugeot 103 SP moped. Where can I find one? Thanks. CHARLIE
New York, USA

> Tue Jul 29 2008
Duskie0 at yahoodot com
master key
Peugeot Elystar
We are from Naples Automotive Group, in Naples, Florida. We recently acquired a Peugeot Moped on trade. We recieved the moped with one key, but
without the red master key. Due to some security problems, we are unable to start or use the moped without this master key. We are seeking information about how to recieve a copy of this original master key. Thank you.
Naples, Florida, United States

June 08
CESAR Kryulec <motosdeepoca at>

Le mando estas fotos para que me pueda orientar en el valor y modelo de esta moto desde ya muchas gracias Cesar Bs. As., Argentina

Wed Mar 12 2008
francisb44 at
Classic Peugeot motorbikes
especially pre and post war 2 all
I inform you that you can find informations, documentations downloads ... and conviviality on this french forum : . Some members speak english, german, spanish.


Francis (administrator)

Fri Jan 18 2008
michaelowens5 at
motorcycle history
Peugeot 55GL 1951
Could you please supply me with any information, contacts etc. that you have, that could provide me historical information on this motorcycle.
Thank you,
Mike Owens

Thu Dec 13 2007
turbopeto at
I have a peugeot speedfight 49.Thats all I know about.I would like to know cca the year.It s metal and I think from seventies.My friends brought from Maroco.Here somebody stold the documents.And nobody coold help me couse they say the frame number is short.about seven number.Can you halp me to find aut the history ar sand me any english seakin contakt.thanks

Wed Oct 17 2007
bdmorris16 at hotmaildot com
1971 peugeot moped 103 vs parts?

i need stator points, condenser, coil where can i find them ???

Sat Oct 13 2007
berniem1 at rogersdot com
stotor plate plus components
1971 peugeot 103 v.s.
need new(or used)stator plate plus components, points, cond,coil, aux coil for lights.
brantford canada

6th Oct 2007
subject: 1980 Peugeot Mopeds
Email: grammaleigh at peoplepcdot com
message: We have 2 'vintage' 1980' Peugeot Mopeds we would like to sell. They are in beautiful shape as they have been garage kept since we bought them (original owners) and have extremely low mileage. We know that one needs a 'chain' and the other needs a new gas tank or repair to the original gas tank. While we were still able to use them we were unable to find a new chain and, unable to find someone to repair the original chain to the correct size because of the metric/inches conversion I guess. Now that we are TOOOOOOOOO old to enjoy them, it appears there may be parts available but we would prefer to sell them now instead. They look brand-new with all the original paint, equipment, etc. We have no idea how/what to price them at. Could you please advise and do you know of anyone who may be interested in buying them to restore? They are in far to excellent condition to use merely as parts. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Leigh Your earliest possible reply will also be greatly appreciated.

Sun Sep 23 2007
docschubs at
new keys
Peugot looxor 2005
Live in Tacoma WA- only have one key that works. how do I get new ones?
Tacoma, WA

Fri Aug 31 2007
jak5b at aoldot com

1980 peugeot 1025p
how much is this bike worth if in good running condition? where can I purchase parts for it? thanks
las vegas, nv

Tue Aug 14 2007
oscarguzmans at yahoodot com
Owner`s manual
Peugeot Speedfight 100cc 2004
I need a manual for a scooter peugeot speedfight 100cc 2004.
Costa Rica

Thu Jul 05 2007
johnnymancan at yahoodot com
manual fo peugeot 102 sp
peugeo 102 sp
i need the manual to set the air to fuel ratio on my 102 sp i need help please

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon Jul 02 2007
zeker-en-vastgoed at
peugeot 125cc 1935-1945
What is the correct name of (armee) model 125cc made between '39-'45? Where can i find info ?



Sat Jun 23 2007
andrea-matricali at hotmaildot com
Peugeot 103 1977

Hola, tengo una motocicleta Peugeot 103 modelo 1977, necesito algunos repuestos, vivo en Argentina. Agradecería cualquier informacion que me puedan dar.
Argentina, Buenos Aires

Mon May 28 2007
in8driven at rogersdot com
Peugeot motorcycle model 104
Hi I live in Toronto Canada and am in need of parts to repair my peugeot motorcycle model 104.
Any help as to where I can get parts in Canada or United States? I would appreciate any help.
Toronto Canada

Fri May 18 2007
tputina at
do I need to change anything on my machine?
peugeot speedfight 49ccm
I got 17000km on it,at 13000 it had a service(ad least I was told so).The engine runs good,but you never know.So, do I need a service?

engine tuning
peugeot speedfight 49ccm 2T
My scooter is running 80km/h,but I want it to go 100km/h.What can I do to get that but with minimum expenses.

Wed May 02 2007
ensane11 at
torque specs
1977 Peugeot 103
i have a 1977 peugeot moped and was wondering if anyone knew the torque specs on the engine(49 cubic in)

Tue Mar 06 2007
rdonenberg at yahoodot com
1956 Peugot For Sale
I purchased a mint 1956 Peugot 125cc 2 stroke in Vietnam about 5 years ago. I have never ridden it and it has been sitting in my warehouse in Miami for all this time. How much is it worth and is there anyone interrested in making me an offer.
Puerto Rico

Fri Feb 23 2007
gillian.chantecor at
peugeot BB
I have an old moped but i don't know anything about it, wondered if anyone could help me out here please. I have attached a picture.
Gillian Blades

Sat Feb 10 2007
misela1999 at yahoodot com
mobylette and peugeot parts
1978 -1985
hi I am looking for a site where or a contat for getting parts for the mobylette and peugeot bikes that I have. I am in Bermuda.

Sun Feb 04 2007
mickael.soares at gmaildot com
Peugeot BB 1953 to 1960

I search a Peugeot BB from 1953 to 1960. Do you have to sell ? Great collection listed on your site, congratulations.
Mickael Soares, France

Wed Dec 06 2006
lindseyj7734 at msndot com
Peugeot 50 cc
We bought a little 50cc dirt bike. The shock is broke. Where can we find spare parts?

Fri Nov 10 2006
mmcquone at aoldot com
Need info on oil/gas ratio
Peugeot 103
I just purchased a Peugeot 103 50cc 2 cycle engine. I need to know the ratio of oil to gas and the best brand of oil to use in the fuel mixture.
Fresno CA

For two-stroke oil mixture ratios, try this page: premix.htm

Sat Sep 30 2006
franz.hilber at
Peugeot P107
Suche technische Daten fu&frac14;r meine Peugeot P107

Fri Sep 29 2006
blainerocks at gmaildot com
peugeot drive pulley
peugeot 103
I am looking for a drive pulley for a peugeot 103 drive pulley. e-mail me if you have one.
Michigan, USA

Mon Sep 11 2006
per-burlund at hotmaildot com
Peugeot moped
i need som sparepart to my 2 103

gas tap 2 pcs
contakt breaker 2 pcs
condenser 2 pcs
brake shoes rear 2 set
piston rings 2 set
hvere can i b them

Thu Aug 31 2006
mauvettepg at yahoodot com
i need to parts for a 1999 peugeot motor bike
Speed fight 100
I have a friend in the US who is willing to purchase the parts i need for me . But need to find out where your dealer are. What other info would you need. Thanks Mauvette

The Peugeot directory at Bikelinks may provide information. Ed.

Mon Jul 24 2006
dotclub at
Peugeot V twin circa 1908
Some of us within the DOT motorcycle club are attempting to build a replica 1908 Dot Peugeot, that won the 1908 TT. We need info. or parts for the V twin Peugeot engine. Any help would be gratefully received.

Mon Jul 03 2006
sycom-mdq at hotmaildot com
i have a motocicle peugeot, this one of the picture, and i want to know if you have information about what model is, and the year of fabrication. My e-mail is sycom-mdq at hotmaildot com thanks.
Mar del Plata, Argentina

Thu May 18 2006
alxmontag at
1978 Peugeot 103

Tue May 09 2006
dg at
i am looking for part listing for this model or similar 125cc p55

Try the Peugeot Vintage Motorcycles directory at Bikelinks. Ed.

Sat May 06 2006
plantrepairs at
Peugeot Motorcycle.
Type 435
I have recently purchased what I believe to be a 1935 350cc Peugeot military motorcycle. I am very anxious to know if any spares are available. I would also like to know if any literature is available such as Spare parts list, Manual, Specification sheets. Hoping you may be able to help.
Regards, Peter.

Thu Mar 30 2006
ethan-hoover at msndot com
throttle cable
peugeot 103 spx
I am in need of a throttle cable for a peugeot 103 spx and could use a line on parts.
minneapolis, minnesota, usa

Mon Oct 31 2005
raf.desmedt at
cyclomoteur type davy group peugeot, moteur vap 4, ABG
information svp

Thu Jun 23 2005
jbherr at
Peugeot Super bb3k
Can anyone help with what a bb3k is and what it's worth? I have been given a bike in a basket that looks to be complete and can be rebuilt, but I don't know where I can get parts, what is the value / performance (as a play bike) when were they built.....?

Mon Jun 20 2005
viper01 at
pistons and rings
need pistons and ring for a 1984 peugeot 103. do you have them?
also do you have anything to add to the bike to make it fast?

Mon May 02 2005
w.vanvliet at
Peugeot P 55 from 1934
Dear Sheldon,

A few months ago I did send to you some photos and information about my purchase of a French Guiller G88 with an AMC engine.
Now I have purchased a French Motorcycle of Peugeot P 55 from 1934 ?
I must admit that I am not quite sure about that. According the invoice papers it is 1934, but I haven't found a similar motor. Maybe someone can help me out.

Sat Apr 16 2005
ozdor at
Peugeot bike from 1951
Dear Sheldon,
I saw Francis notice on your site (from December 27, 2002).
I understand that you he a Peugeot model 55. I Have a Peugeot from about 1951. It is model 54/55/56/156 (I don"t no which yet). I am planning to restore it but I miss the cylinder and carburetor. I also no information about classic French bikes. I will arrive to Paris next month. I am looking for any information about places to see old bikes like mine and shops for old bikes parts. Any more information will help start this restoration project. I don't speak French so I am looking for connection with People who speak English and can help me with technical information. I have a lot of experience with BSA bikes. Can you help me with this or direct me to Francis or anyone who can help.
If anybody else get the message and can help I will appreciate it.
Contact me at ozdor at

Regards, Nir.

January 9th 2005
Quite a nice selection of vintage Peugeot adverts here:
Peugeot Classic Motorcycle Advertisements
(not a commercial site)

November 18, 2004
I'm looking for imformation about this peugeot motorcycle (see pictures). Can anybody tell me model and year? also any information will help to spart restoring this bike. -- Thanks, Vladimir -- vladimir at nekoluxdot com

January 8, 2003
Hello Friends ,
I have old motorcycle Peugeot typ 112 , No. product 147306 ,one cylinder. I need information and technical documentations about this model. Which year product and which ccm ? Motorcycle is complete . How much is worth ? If You have any information ,send me? Thank You and Best Regards , --  Miki -- mikinis at

December 27, 2002
I'm French and don't speak English very well. Perhaps I can help for the add from 14 December 2002 posted from Buenos Aires. But the mail address seems to be wrong.

If you can, contact him and give him my email. I am restoring a Peugeot P55 and have a lot of documentation about this model.
Best regards,
Francis -- informatique at

From Sheldon: One of the problems with posting mail from "hotmail", "Yahoo" or other free e-mail addresses is that they often are expired. If you do want something posted here please make sure that the e-mail address you send is a valid one.

December 14, 2002
Hello I have a motorcycle Peugeot 125 cm 2 times i need info about her perhaps I will go sale joch71 at in a few time I will put a photografiet about her --TE 4270-6853 Quilmes Buenos Aires Argentina

August 7, 2002
I have bought a carrier tri cicle and I do not precisely know what type it is. I suggest it could be a Peugeot 1933 - 1950. I suppose it is a two stroke engine 100-150 cc. I do not know if it has one or two exhaust pipes, I think it has one. Can you help me further? I am really interested.
thanks for helping me out. -- har.teunissen at

April 7, 2002
Dear Sir / Madam
Would you please place the following on your Peugeot webpage. Thanks.
WANTED...Circa 1905 Peugeot frame and forks to fit single cylinder engine as per photo. See attached photo.
Thanks......Howard FLATTANK at bigponddot com

February 5, 2002
Saw your site from Google. Just stumbled upon and bought a 1956 Peugeot 98cc 2 stroke, 2 speed hand twist model with 98 cc Villiers motor. Has a bicycle style seat and is blueish-grey in color with hand painted striping and nice emblems. I am very happy to add it to my strange collection of Vespas, a 59 Simson, 67 Ducati Cadet, and 2 old Hondas !! -- Ian Hall -- Essex65 at aoldot com

February 3, 2002
I am from Melbourne Australia. Many early Peugeot engines were fitted to locally assembled motorcycles pre World War One, mostly single cylinder. I have a car made by one of these cycle companies and it had a V twin that is now missing. It is a circa 1913 Austral cyclecar and should have a 1000cc v twin Peugeot engine, friction transmission and belt drive. Most of structure is motorcycle derived. The car is almost fully original and restored so I would be very appreciative of anything that lead me to obtaining a correct engine. It is said to have had atmospheric intake valves despite its relatively late build date. My car is one of four surviving locally assembled cars of any kind made in Victoria pre WW1 and largely original, so it would be nice to have it back to being almost 100% as made. Any leads would be appreciated.
Bill Sides
25 Mackintosh Road
Wheelers Hill Victoria
Australia 3150 sideseng at

December 18, 2001
Hi,Greeting from Romania.
I bought recently a Peugeot 103 and I don't have documentation, can you help me to send me eventually a pdf from Peugeot or show me a link to get information. --  Thanks and Merry Xmas -- Amiga Forever  -- Marcel Ursaciuc -- amiga-viper at yahoodot com

November 14, 2001
I just came from a trip to France where I saw a beautiful 50c bike named Peugeot XR6. Apparently, the bike has been recently added to the line of Peugeot motorcycles. However, the bike looks exactly the same as Motorhispania but the weight of 90 Kg of XR6 is much less than the 115 Kg of Motorhispania. Both are being produced in Spain. Are XR6 and Motorhispania the same bike? Also, what is the top speed of the bike once fully unrestrained? Nobody seems to know. -- Rick -- ramaselli at

October 19, 2001
Hello, I purchased a motorcycle v-twin Peugeot engine that is supposed to be from 1907 or earlier. I only have the engine and I want to build the frame. Where I can get some information or plans about it ? -- Thank you very much. -- Mario Marra -- mariomarra at

June 6, 2001
One of my mates gave me an old peugeot103 pushbike style motorbike -50cc- can you tell me possibly what model it is ?? -- thanx mate -- matt preacher -- djpreacher at

May 27, 2001
I am a salesman of two motorcycles of 1948: a MOTOBECANE D45 125cc and a PEUGEOT P55 125cc. These two motorcycles are sold to the 2 900-franc price piuce. You will find in attached files the photos of the TERROT and PEUGEOT to sell. --  fred.laplace at
Peugeot images are in the gallery. Ed.

Motobecane photos are on the Motobecane page

July 21, 2000
Do you have any information on the 1935 to 1955 Peugeots....
See French Motorcycle Forum

June 17, 1999
I'm very interested about Peugeot motorcycles in 1910-1935. If you know some links or pictures....
thank you very much!!!!!!!!! -- Ale Krpiu -- ales.krpic at

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