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Aiglon Motorcycles

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A Brief History of the Marque

France 1902-1955
According to Tragatsch, Minerva, Mirus, Peugeot, AMC, FMC, Zurcher and others supplied engines for many years to Aiglon. Debarelle's last models had 123cc and 174cc ohv AMC engines and FMC-built 248cc two strokes.

Early models had Mirus engines, from 1902 to at least 1905 when they adopted the Longuemare carburettor. 1906 saw the introduction of a 4 hp V-twin with a Grouvelle carburretor.

Aiglon A545 500cc

At the 1933 Paris Salon Peugeot launched the 495cc Model 515 which proved very successful, gaining three world speed records in 1934. This machine was marketed under four banners: Automoto A 58, Peugeot P 515, Griffon G545 and Aiglon A545

Production Years: 1935-1948

495 cc (81 x 96 mm) - 22 hp at 5000 rpm - OHV - Forced Lubrication - Magneto Ignition - multidisc clutch - unit-constuction engine block with 4-speed gearbox, foot actuated - parallelogram forks - drum brakes 200 mm - Tyres 19" - weight 155 kg - top speed 125 km/h.

Aiglon had a close association with FMC (France Motor Cycles).

Sources: Tragatsch, JLB Creations

Tue Aug 30 2016
dubateaux at
Aiglon motorcycle
Aiglon Unknown
I have a very old motorcycle in my shed, it is an Aiglon motorcycle, but i don't know anything about it... Would you have any information about the model, making year, engine power, etc.? Thanks a lot!
Fri Jul 01 2016
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Aiglon bicycle

I was wondering if you could help me. We have just been contacted to buy an Aiglon bicycle. We are a bike shop that specialises in vintage bikes but I have never come across this brand before. I have searched for hours online and can't seem to get anywhere other than the posters. Any info would be hugely appreciated. I understand this is a motorbike site but I thought you might have knowledge of the company.

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