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France Motor Cycles

Established in the 1930s in Mandeure (Doubs)

The company marketed machines built by Griffon, Christophe, Aiglon, Meteore and others, often rebadged as their own and with "France Motor Cycles" on the ID plate. The idea was to identify the machines as distinctly French to facilitate sales in English-speaking countries, where frequently anything French was considered favourably.

Trophée de France was another marque in the stable.

Griffon model designations were changed from first numeral 1 to 5, ie Griffon Type 176 = FMC Type 576

Meteore types were changed from 1 to 6, so Meteore type 176 becomes FMC type 676.
FMC Models

  • Type 554 100cc 1947-1948
    Type 555 125cc 1948-1949
    Type 555AL 125cc 1951-52
    Type 555GL 125cc 1951-52
    Type 555GTS 125cc 1952
    Type 555T 125cc 1953-54
    Type 555TA 125cc 1955, rebranded Griffon
    Type 555TC 125cc 1953-54
    Type 555TCL 125cc 1953 (ID France Motor Cycles) Twin-port twostroke, Gurtner carb. Aurora saddle.
    Type 556 125cc ca 1949-51
    Type 556T4 125cc 1953-54
    Type 556TL4 125cc 1955
    Type 556TL 125cc ca 1956, rebranded Aiglon
    Type 557TA/TC/TC1 125cc ca 1957
    Type 676AS 170cc 60x60mm 1953-55
    Type 676GS 170cc ca 1954
    Type Trimoteur 554TN 100cc 1945-1948
    Type Trimoteur 557TM 125cc ca 1955

Tyre sizes on most models were 25x2.75F and 25x3R.

FMC Engines

FMC engines were used by Aiglon, Trophee de France, Meteore and Griffon. It is possible that these engines were built by another company and rebranded by FMC.

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