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Erwin Tragatsch

Tragatsch: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Motorcycles 1st edition, gift from my sister Christmas 1979. The dustcover boldly states "Every bike ever made... over 2500 entries". That is perhaps an exaggeration.

Erwin Tragatsch is one of the greats among motorcycle historians. A rather marvelous tale discovered among the mountains of papers investigated after his passing involves one of the true heroes of WWII, Oskar Schindler, brought to the world's attention by Thomas Keneally's Booker Prize-winning Schindler's Ark, and later in the Spielburg movie Shindler's List. The story is related on the page about Moto Guzzi 250SS

Tragatsch also wrote Die Großen Rennjahre 1919 - 1939.

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