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Fanatical Fay Taylour: Her sporting & political life at speed, 1904-1983. Dr Stephen M. Cullen.(PDF) 

Fay on Four Wheels Richard Armstrong, 2016

 Books by Tony Webb

A-Z of Speedway Machines
Bluey Scott Story
Keith Cox Story
Keith Gurtner Story
Syd Littlewood Story
Rusty Rees and North Queensland
Braund Brothers
Waddell Brothers
Garry Middleton Story
Bert Kingston
Huntings Ten
Jack White Speedway world 2008
Steve Reinke speedway world 2008
Speedway Memories Queensland

Speedway Tonight: The Davies Park Story
Deagon Speedway
Worldwide Speedway Adventurer; The A J Hunting Story
Wheels of Fate - The Garry Hay Story
The Mittagong Flash: Buck Ryan