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Equinox Photographic

Contributor to Sheldon's EMU

Equinox is a small, family-run outfit in Oregon that likes to be helpful to its

John is a keen collector and restorer of motorcycles. His present and past collection includes:
1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary 
1975 Honda 400 Supersport 
1930 Dresch Monobloc 
1937 Panther model 20 
2001 MZ Skorpion Traveler 660cc 
1925 Levis 250cc 
1957 Zundapp Super Sabre 250cc 
1953 NSU Lux 200cc 
1970 MZ Es250 with Stoye sidecar 
1961 AWO-Simson 250cc with Stoye sidecar 
1959 NSU Super Max 250 
1953 TWN 250 
1954 TWN 350 
1958 MZ BK350 
1936 NSU 601TS with Royal sidecar 
1956 Zundapp KS601 Sport 
1981 Moto Guzzi Convert 
1989 Moto Guzzi Cal III 
2002 Moto Guzzi V11 LeMans 

Contact Information:
Equinox Photographic
P.O. Box 41253
Eugene, Oregon 97404

Ducati Gowanloch
Ducati Gowanloch
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