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Bruce Main-Smith

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Nimbus Bumblebee

Motorcycle Historian

A Passion for Motor Cycles: Bruce Main-Smith

Titles include:

  •  The first vintage racing scene (pre-1931) (BMS "Scene" series) by Bruce Main-Smith (1977) 
  •  The second post-vintage scene (1931-1953) by Bruce Main-Smith (1978) 
  •  The first Scott scene by Bruce Main-Smith (1977) 

The Velocette Owner's Club writes,

  • Bruce was the leading road tester for 'Motor Cycling' and reported on many Velocettes from the prototype Venom onwards. His 'reward' was to be part of the team that set the 24 hour record and to be asked to do the night sessions, without a headlight.....
Allen Motorcycle Museum
Allen Motorcycle Museum
Private museum in Boston, MA, with many highly collectable vintage motorcycles for sale.