European Motorcycles

Michael James, Motorcycle Journalist

New York, USA

* 8 years journalist for Cycle News, motonews.com, mxlarge.com, motocross.com and former columnist for MX East and MX America.

* Screenwriter, "Racer's Edge" the sensible motocross movie, coming soon.

* "Almost Famous" is from the cd book "A Motocross Odyssey." Hardcover version will be available next year.

* cd book has follow up article explaining the origins and background of the main articles like a movie cd for the aspiring journalist out there.

* Poet Dreamer Warrior my website, email for info on cd book.

* point of interest, I was the very first person in New York state to buy a Cagiva dirt bike. It was a 1985 WMX125. NB. AOL site returns 404

Phil Aynsley Photography
Phil Aynsley Photography
Thousands of quality photographs featuring Ducati, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta and numerous other marques. An index to many of the amazing galleries on his site is available here:
Phil Aynsley's Motorcycle Photos