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Michael James, Motorcycle Journalist

New York, USA

* 8 years journalist for Cycle News, motonews.com, mxlarge.com, motocross.com and former columnist for MX East and MX America.

* Screenwriter, "Racer's Edge" the sensible motocross movie, coming soon.

* "Almost Famous" is from the cd book "A Motocross Odyssey." Hardcover version will be available next year.

* cd book has follow up article explaining the origins and background of the main articles like a movie cd for the aspiring journalist out there.

* Poet Dreamer Warrior my website, email for info on cd book.

* point of interest, I was the very first person in New York state to buy a Cagiva dirt bike. It was a 1985 WMX125. NB. AOL site returns 404