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Cagiva Hefelump

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured from 1978

The name Cagiva comes from CAstiglioni GIovanni VArese. Cagiva is an Italian conglomerate with many varied interests. At one point they owned a basketball team, made locks for luggage, and even produced chewing gum. Apparently the brothers Claudio and Gianfranco Castiglioni who run Cagiva are great motorcycle enthusiasts so in 1978 they bought the Aermacchi AMF Harley-Davidson factory in Italy, and also Ducati.

At that time there was still a strong relationship with Harley-Davidson. In 1986 they went on to purchase Husqvarna Motorcycles.

In 1984 Italian rider Corrado Maddii was going to win the Motocross 125cc Championship but broke his leg in practice at the last event. This would have been really huge as Suzuki had won this title every year that it was in existence. Maddii required just one point to win. Cagiva took the title in 1985 and 1986, and missed out in 87 & 88 by just a few points.

Between 1991 and 1997 Cagiva partnered with CZ in the production of a range of cheaper 125 to 200cc 2- and 4-stroke motorcycles, but the bikes were not well received and the project was not a success.

In 1995 Cagiva entered a joint venture with Yanmar Marine.

Cagiva have also been associated with MV Agusta.

Cagiva Models

1979 350 SST 2T Single

1986 Paris Dakar 860 V-Twin

1989 Frecia 125 C12R

1990 Super City 125

1991-2001 Mito EV 125

1991 T4 E Military 350cc Rotax OHC

Sources: Thanks to JasonACool, Niek Dijkman and Michael James for much of the above.

patchnc at
My name is Patrick Chandler and I have a cagiva Mito 07 plate, And the wiring loom has seen better days I was just wondering if I could get a quote for a whole wiring loom. Or maybe if you had a copy of the wiring diagram I could buy a copy off of you if it is in English, as I’m having quite the hassle trying to get mine sorted
I'll attach some photos to show what I’m working with.
Kind regards
Patrick chandler We do not sell parts, sorry. Try this page for Books and Manuals
jaysonribnick54 at
Cagiva planet 125 1998
Hi I own a cagiva planet 125 just want to find out where I can get spares in Europe to africa or if someone in Europe would be interested in buying it
Johannesburg South africa
garywooldridge at
W8 125 1994?
I own what I believe is a 1994 W8 125, in trying to register this with the DVLA I need proof of year of manufacture. so far as I can tell there is no VIN but a frame number of A8001644, where do I need to go with this information to get the date of manufacture confirmed?
Gary Wooldridge
Tunbridge wells UK If you find a useful source for this information please share so that it can be added to this page: Serial Numbers
dewhirstp90 at
cagiva w8 1999
hello can any one tell me were i can get parts for this bike please also i need a owners manual
paul dewhirst
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Tue, 31 Oct 2017
martinwalsh537 at
cagiva 350 1992 w12, ex army bike

Hi where would I get friction and steel clutch plates for this model please,
Dungannon United Kingdom

Fri Jul 14 2017
helmergary at
wiring diagram
cagiva sxt
i have a 1984 cagiva sxt 125 the only wiring on the bike are the 5 coming from the engine which are RED/ BLACK/ BROWN/ORANGE/GREEN
 need to no what each coloured wire goes to on the bike

Thu Sep 11 2014
simrobson64 at

Cagiva Mito Sp525
Is there a 2014 Cagiva Mito SP525?
Hamilton Ontario Canada

Thu Apr 02 2015
missrapt at
cagiva raptor 650 2001
looking for a right side chain tensioner for my 650 raptor thks jj
canberra australia

Wed Sep 03 2014 at
Cagiva Xtra Raptor
Cagiva 2001 Xtra Raptor
Looking for a set of front indicator lenses for my Xtra Raptor. I think the V Raptor lenese will also fit.

Tue Aug 12 2014
Manyje at
Brake pedal
Cagiva Raptor 1000
I need a brake pedal for a 2000 cagiva raptor 1000 any idea where i can find it?

Wed Feb 05 2014
igillon at Starter Motor relay/Solenoid Cagiva 1996
Cagiva 600 W16
I am looking for a starter motor relay/solenoid for this bike. I am looking for a price & availability of this part. The original Cagiva part number was CA0014067. Australia

Wed Nov 13 2013
I need Parts of motorcycle Cagiva Canyon
2002 Cagiva canyon 500

I wanted to know if you obtain parts for the motorcycle:
Cagiva Canyon 500cc, 2002 year!

Otherwise, I would like to know if they know some company that could help...

Thank You!
Caracas or Florida

Mon Nov 05 2012
Brake pedal for Cagiva Raptor 1000
Cagiva Raptor 1000
Im looking for a brake pedal for my bike

Thu Nov 17 2011
Cagiva parts
1984 Cagiva WMX 250
I'm looking for a left side tank badge for my bike,any ideas were to find one ? my bike is otherwise 100% complete. Need a manual,and can anyone tell me what years parts are inter-changable? like 83-85 ? Thank You

Thu Sep 15 2011
cagiva 12w 350cc cagiva 12w 350cc
i ask a head or engine is cagiva 12w 350cc
kosovo- pej

egi-epi<at>hotmaildot com
engine cagiva 350 w12
i ask a engine cagiva 350 w12
kosovo- pej

Tue Aug 23 2011
loon.joubert<at>gmaildot com
rear brake cilinder
cagiva 1000 cc raptor 2003
Can someone please help me with a rear brake cilinder. My bike's brakes caught fire today. Please help before my baby explodes. Mamma will cry her heart out.
south africa. mpumalanga

Mon May 02 2011
Parts Availability - Resto
Cagiva Aletta Oro 125

Could someone please advise where I can get a shop manual and parts for my Aletta Oro?


Greg Hastings
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Fri Jan 21 2011
barreto97330027<at>hotmaildot com
Peças da cagiva 200 cc
cagiva 200 cc cagiva 200 cc
procuro bendix de partida da cagiva 200

Wed Jan 05 2011
cagiva mito m125 1998
where can i buy engine
spares in south africa
Try the Cagiva Directory

Tue Nov 02 2010
squidlypaul<at>googlemaildot com
fairing wanted
cagiva freccia c12r
hi, can anyone sell me the headlight fairing and both side fairings for a cagiva freccia c12r 1990 please? many thanks, paul.

Tue Jul 13 2010
cagiva raptor 650 ie
can any body telll me where to pick up a speedo for a 650 raptor

Sat May 29 2010
gbsimpsontv<at>aoldot com
I have a Cagiva WMX500, there is no ignition spark. It has a Motoplat ignition system, and does not have a CDI unit or a battery. I am completely baffled as to how this works, so PLEASE is there anyone out there with any knowledge of this machine that can give me any assistance. Norman Simpson.

Thu May 06 2010
philselway<at>hotmaildot com
information please
cagiva mito special edition 1989
hi i have got a cagiva mito limeted edition that i have just bought and it has the plate on the folk yokes saying that it is the 149/200 that were made! this is an imported bike, i would like some information on what it is worth and what the difference is between the normal bike and this one?? please help me! many thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
forest of dean, gloucetershire

Wed Jan 27 2010
billysmith3929 at googlemaildot com
cagiva Alazzurra
Hi , im looking for a frame for a Cagiva Alazzurra 650, im in the west of scotland and could really use some help with finding one ????

Wed Nov 11 2009
cozo44ak at
Cagiva Racing picture
Cagiva Cagiva Raptor 650 IE
I Just like this picture I took on the Assen circuit in Holland, one of my best shots that day. My question is that maybe Sheldon would like to use this shot in the database or elswhere?

Best regards, Hans Viveen.
Gorinchem Holland

Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Nikkor 300mm. F 4.0
F-Number: F 9.0
Shutter: 1/200sec.

Mon Oct 26 2009
bab.73 at hotmaildot com

Cagiva 600 W16 (1996 Cagiva 600 W16 (1996
starter motor please
price and availabilty

Wed Sep 30 2009
walkercrunklaw at aoldot com
cagiva 200 roadster
Hi i am looking for a cdi unit for my cagiva 200 roadster if any one can tell me where i might get one.Many thanks Stewart
scotish borders

Tue Mar 24 2009
sskubala at aoldot com
Parts Diagram/ engine gaskets
Cagiva Mito 2000
Hi, In my engine gasket set there is a small mteal washer about half the size of a 1penny. I think it goes somewhere on the clutch casing but where?
Can anyone help?

Wed Jan 28 2009
angry-blackman2 at
Cagiva W8
i need to find somewhere that i can get parts for my w8 i cn find mitos everywhere and w12's but no w8

Sun Jan 11 2009
gavinblackbarn at
No spark produced on my Cagiva Elephant
Cagiva Elephant
Cant seem to get a spark,any ideas.

Mon Nov 24 2008
aswin31 at yahoodot com
expansion tank (water cooling system)
Cagiva Raptor 1000, 2001-2002
HI, can somebody help me to find or sell expansion tank for Cagiva Raptor 1000. I know it's rather difficult to find sparepart for cagiva raptor 1000 nowdays. Thank you.

Sat Nov 22 2008
christian-fenech at yahoodot com
Maintenance Manual for cagiva freccia
Cagiva Freccia c12 R Cagiva Freccia c12 R
Please do you have maintanance manaul for cagiva Freccia C12 R 1989?


Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Nov 16 2008
rossw.lovell at yahoodot com
parts availability
Cagiva WMX 125?
Looking for parts source to rebuild a Cagiva Motocrosser.
Connecticut, USA

Mon Nov 10 2008
dumpthebody1 at
Looking for NOS plastics or parts for 85 WMX 500.Restoring 3 bikes ,good second hand parts OK.

Fri Sep 05 2008
vamom83 at hotmaildot com
chain kit
cagiva canyon
does anybody know where to go if you want a new chain for my bike

August 2008
subject: Cagva mito evolution125
Email: jackcureton at
message: I have been given your web address to make enquiries regarding a airbox restrictor which I have been told will give my bike a better performance. There is also something under the tank and I am sorry I do not know what it is, with two cables going to it. I have been told that when you rev the bike this round thing with the cables attached should swivel back and forth. It does not turn by itself. when I put a 8mm ring spanner on it and turn it anti clockwise it increases my speed by a full 25mph but the bottom end performance has sufferred greatly. could you give me a price for the restrictor kit please and also advise me if it is easily fitted by myself. Also this round thing with the cables attached could you please give me any advise if it can be repaired or would I need to buy a new one and if so what would it cost please. I am sorry I cannot be more specific on this round thing but if it helps the two cables appear to work on the same basis as a throttle twist grip with on and return. It also has a spring behind it. It has a dome shaped object at the side of it which I suspect (I could be wrong) is a motor. I hope this helps you, Lastly do you stock a brake light switch and return spring for the rear brake please. Thank you.

Thu Jul 31 2008
jc21colin at
winter project ?
cagiva 125 freecia
not sure what to do with this one been given it in lots of pieces but it all seems to be there,any advice welcome john.
birmingham england

Thu Jul 31 2008
K.Hodge81 at yahoodot com
Cagiva Mito 125
i want to know if there are any dealers in the US especialy in the state of Florida.
United States

Several Cagiva dealers listed here:

Sun Apr 13 2008
clive-north at
RE: Motorcycle
Cagiva 1990 mito
Is the 1990 engine compatable with the 1994 model i.e. my 1990 mito has a blown engine and want to replace it with a later model engine - possibly evo engine

Wed Mar 12 2008
shaun-one at
cagiva art
hey i thought you guys might like this . just a really cool piece of art that you dont see too often. keep up the great job.

Thu Feb 28 2008
louisec.carter at gmaildot com
cagiva supercity 125cc
hi i.m based in oldham.can anyone tell me where to buy spare parts for a cagiva supercity 125cc.93 reg
ashton under lyne

Thu Feb 07 2008
airwind-guide at
parts inquiry for
cagiva H-D sx350cc 2 stroke 1980-1983
Hi! Good day! can you help me? i want to ask if this model cagiva sx350cc all the parts for this model are still available and were i can buy the parts for this bike?( see attached picture of this model). (i.e piston, piston rings, side cover "both left and right side" speedometer, tachometer and clutch cables, rear fender.)

Fri Jan 11 2008
sprintst955i at hotmaildot com
Cagiva W12 1995
Can any one please help me with copi of documents including weight's and horsepower for this bike, Cagiva W12 -95?
Sandnes, Norway

Sun Dec 23 2007
www.scottparsons19 at
cagiva aletta oro s2 125
hi do u have a manual for this bike
maidstone kent

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon Dec 17 2007
betteridge.dean at
please help
cagiva c12 rr 1993 i think
hi there i bought a lovely cagiva c12 93 125cc 7 speed its a import and i have fully restored it the only thing is the italian i bought it from has not sent me the log book or import papers now im having problems regestering. plz help as i am dying to get on road oh i have managed to get it mot'd tho

Tue Dec 04 2007
barry at augentiusdot com
Works Elefant - wanted
Cagiva Elefant - Works
Hi, i would like to buy a works Cagiva Elefant - one of the bikes raced or in reserve for the Paris Dakar - they occasionally come up for sale. Can you help please?

Wed Oct 31 2007
karlandlisa at
2001 Cagiva Raptor
I have put a Raptor motor in a speedway sidecar.We have got the motor turning over but have no fuel pump or injector power,the electrition thinks the ECU might have been fried due to a wrong conection previously found.Is there a way we can test the ECU? Failing that can any one tell me if a TL SUZUKI ECU is compatable with a CAGIVA RAPTOR ECU and vice versa. Any information greatly appreciated,there are'nt many people in New Zealand that have heard of Cagiva let alone know anything about them
New Zealand

Fri Oct 05 2007
rjonorca at
Cagiva Production Numbers
Cagiva Alazzurra SS 650 cc 1987
I am looking for information on this M/B.
I would like to know how many of these bikes were produced?
How many went to North America?
What colours did they originaly come in?
How reliable are these bikes?
I live on the west coast of Canada, and am thinking of a restoration project. Am I wasting my time?
Sure like the looks of this bike!
Any info will help

Fri Sep 21 2007
bobhorneris at hotmaildot com
Touring Screen Wanted
Cagiva Gran Canyon 1998
Just bought one absolutely love it but the screen is too short for touring and I know a taller one is available, but new they are too much money for me. Is anyone importing used spares form Italy? I'd love to receive any info from dedicated owners too. Cheers, Bob

Sat Sep 15 2007
wardepartment at btinternetdot com
sst 250 head bearings
Harley-Davidson SST 250
Hi, can you supply me with a set of head bearings and cups for a 1978 Cagiva / Harley sst 250 motorcycle,
Ashford Kent

Wed Sep 12 2007
tkenward at clcgroupdot com
cagiva blue 125
Hi I after a speedo cable and a rev counter cable for a 1994 cagiva blue 125 motor cycle
southampton england

Tue Sep 04 2007
mardegelo at gmaildot com
w16 600
Who is the agent of cagiva and their contact details
São Paulo Brasil
sao paulo

Tue Sep 04 2007
gmathiellis at
Upgrade Engine
Cagiva W12 1994
I would like to upgrade the engine of my w12 from 350 to 500cc. What parts do I need to replace? The engine looks very much the same with all 500 and 600 canyon , river and w16!
Mytilini - Greece

Specs for the three engines as follows:
Cagiva Canyon 600
Bore x Stroke 102 x 73.6 mm

Cagiva Canyon 500
Bore x Stroke 92.80 mm x 73.60 mm

Cagiva W 12
Engine Bore and Stroke: 82 mm x 65 mm

So, you may be able to swap engines in the frame, but you cannot fit the top end of one to the bottom end of another.

Thu Aug 16 2007
paula.stockton at aderantdot com
Workshop manual
Cagiva Planet 125cc
Desperately trying to get hold of a workshop manual. Hope you can help me.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Jul 12 2007
j-mr-sexy at
cagiva brake system
125cc mito
i need help where is the rear brake switch located i cant seem to find it!!! i need it to be changed for the mot where is it !! btw its a 1993 reg if tht helps

Sat Jul 07 2007
leebreen at msndot com
wiring diagram
cagiva mito (J)
hi there ive just bought a mito 125 and the power valve doesnt work because its not wired up because they have been cut please please please could you send me a wiring diagram asap thank you.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Wed Jun 13 2007
madeleine at
cagiva mito 125cc 2002
Who is the agent of cagiva and their contact details
South Africa

Sun Jun 10 2007
jeffwertman at msndot com
cagiva 500 mx 1986
can I still order new parts-does cagiva still exist
Vancouver, Wa USA

Thu Jun 07 2007
bear at
timing 600 river
this bike has only done 9000 km it keeps kicking back on the starter replacement carb cdi unit and pick up all i can think of now is cam chain timing can you help me hear timing marks etc or something i have missed

Thu May 24 2007
binkysmallpiece at
Frame no: B-00300236
Can you tell me what specific engine fitted this machine. It has a trials sidecar outfit.
Sheffield S.Yorks.

Sat May 12 2007
michelleboogie at hotmaildot com
1000 cc cagiva raptor wiring diagram
I need the wiring diagram for the speedo on a 2004 model 1000 cc cagiva raptor. Can anyone help please ?

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Tue May 08 2007
rcla at
engine parts
cagiva 125 roadster [1994]
piston & cilener parts

Sat Apr 28 2007
sianandabbs at
cagiva freccia 125
im thinking of buying a cagiva freccia 125 can you tell me if there is anything to whatch out for cheers
gloucester england

Tue Apr 17 2007
pdionysiou at hotmaildot com
RE: Info
Cagiva WMX 125 1987
I am looking to find a complete gasket kit for the motor can you find me pls?


Wed Apr 04 2007
bibby at
Manual For Cagiva Planet 125cc
Cagiva Planet 125cc 2000
Looking For A Workshop Manual For Cagiva Planet 125cc 2000 Model
South Africa East London

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Fri Mar 02 2007
ariel at
I own a Grand Canyon and have never test riden one until I purchased mine - Whow what I pleasant supprise. I have one pain and that is to get parts in South Africa. CAGIVA website is under construction - Can u advise me how I can aquire a Chain and Sprocket set - Mine has the Duicati Motor.
South Africa

Thu Feb 22 2007
info at ti-pindot com
Happy me!
Cagiva 125 Blues
I've just got me a great Cagiva 125 Blues, and I'm as proud as a dog with three balls! I just wanted to share that with you.

Wed Feb 14 2007
ron-garrett at hotmaildot com
cagiva wmx 250 or 125
im trying to buy a complete wmx., please help me Wally 850 539 8709, and 850 339 4894

Thu Feb 01 2007
pfishook at hotmaildot com
Hard To get neutral
1993 Cagiva mito 125
Hello i recently purchased a cagiva mito and am having trouble locating the neutral position on the gear selector sometimes the neutral light will come on and it will still be in gear or it just goes straight past the neutral position altogether up or down. Also i noticed one time whilst downshifting form sixth to fith gear it neutralised. Every gear works and seems to be okay it doesnt jump out of gear it just doesnt select properly is there a way to adjust this or is something terribly wrong? Thanks for your Help Paul Sydney

Mon Jan 15 2007
arnon at fts-ildot com
Do you know any CAGIVA motorcycle parts
I am looking for piston & cyilinder for rx250 1984 & 200 elefant
Please see if u can do somthing

Sun Jan 14 2007
candbmotors at
1989 wmx 250 pekka vekkonan replica
does anyone know were i can buy new mudguards, side panels, rad scoops, seat covers and graphic kits from for my 1989 cagiva wmx 250 pekka vekkonan replica if so please contact chris on 07779 262401
northwest uk

Mon Jan 08 2007
niek.cindy at
cagiva world title motocross
wmx250 1987
Cagiva won only in 85 and 86.
missed the title in 87+88 with a few points.
WANTED WMX250 1987.
AND 125/250 PARTS 85+86+87+88+89.
Wolvega, Holland
1e wmx250 factory from rider Pekka
cross5: dave strijbos in 1987 als on a factorybike wmx 125
cagiva87: production 1987 bike.
Cagiva86: same but from 1986.

Cagiva stands for CAstiglioni GIovanni Varese (city)

Niek Dijkman
The Netherlands

Mon Jan 08 2007
simon.thomas800 at
grab rail for v-raptor
cagiva v-raptor
hi there recntly bought an 02 cagiva v-raptor,trying to get a grab rail,(my better half wants to come out on the bike with me).not easy on a raptor.cagiva want £180 for one,any ideas of a cheaper option?, simon, wales,GB.

Thu Jan 04 2007
zgreen18 at msndot com
cagiva & merlin trials
I have a 84 cagiva tr350 & a 86 merlin dg350 . Need information on parts & manuals for both
california, USA

Thu Dec 07 2006
service and repair manual
cagiva 125 mito evolution
where can i get a manual from
Droitwich, Worcestershire

Fri Dec 01 2006
Cagiva Elephant-Air cooled
New plates fitted to clutch,bike now grabs and pulls forward. like there is no clutch. Plez help

Check whether correct qty plates fitted, and thickness of new plates against specs in manual. Check clutch pushrod. Ed.

Tue Nov 28 2006
coulsondavid at
ignition units
cagiva elefant 750 1996
Can anyone tell me where I can get my Cagiva Elefant ignition units tested or where I can get second hand or new items?

Tue Nov 07 2006
lizzierascal46 at
cagiva alzzurra 650
Hi my names is Dave Powell, i iam interested to know if antone races these bikes as im interested in trying it out myself.
Cheers, Dave

Im using my Daughters email who eill foward on your reply.

As the bike is basically a Ducati Pantah with weird bodywork you will have no problem adapting it for the track. Ed.

Tue Oct 31 2006
coulsondavid at
ignition units serial number
cagiva elefant 750 1996
can anyone help me find new or used ignition units for my elefant 750, or give me information on how to get the present ones tested?
Elgin, Scotland

Wed Oct 25 2006
beverley.parker4 at btinternetdot com
Certificate of Conformity
Cagiva Supercity 125
Where can I get hold of a certificate of conformity for a vehicle that I have imported from the Isle of Man

Tue Oct 17 2006
desm at
2006 125 Mito
please provide agent details here in Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town S.A.

Try this page: South African Motorcycle Dealers

Fri Oct 06 2006
saintpter at
I'm looking for SWING ARM GP Suspension - OHLINS - for CAGIVAMITO RS 125. Just hoping if anyone knows where i could get it.

Mon Oct 02 2006
garf.p at ntlworlddot com
cagiva wmx 250
hi there ive just bought one of these bikes but im in need of some parts if anybody could help a rear mono shock, gear change lever

Sat Sep 30 2006
stig201 at
wmx500 bits
I have some bits eas thinking of selling on a well known internet auction site if anybody has the need to know

Sun Sep 17 2006
jeff.watling at
cagiva supercity 50cc

tried all the rest (including 3x) with no luck finding a part for above. thought i'd be rude and ask on this site. do you know where i can find a head for the above bike in the UK

Sun Sep 10 2006
anthony.kenward53 at ntlworlddot com
gear change hard to change gear
cagiva blue 125
can you tell me what the oil filler by the fuel tank is for not suer if anything to do with gear box
southampton, england
its a cagiva roadster 1994 125cc
i think the problem is that it needs an oil change and we were told it was a four stroke but i think its a two stroke the spark plug is onto of the engine

Images of Cagiva Roadsters indicate to me that it's probably a twostroke. If the exhaust on yours exits from the barrel, then it's a twostroke. If it exits from the head, it's a fourstroke. If it is a fourstroke, it will have removable covers on the head to allow access to the tappets. Ed.

Mon Aug 28 2006
vetb882 at aoldot com
Cagiva error...

I love your site but you erroneously placed Pekka Vehkonen as the rider who broke his leg in timed practice in the last race 125cc GP... it was the Italian rider Corrado Maddii who broke his leg. The next year Davey Strijbos won the title and teh year after Pekka won it for them again. Michele Rinaldi went on to be Italy's first World MX champion not Maddii. Cagiva would also have been the first company to win the WC in their first year. Attached is an article from my upcoming book A Motocross Odyssey.

Michael James

PS: looking for a publisher for 30 such articles (Almost Famous) if you know of any, please send them my email address and name. :-)
New York, USA

Thu Aug 24 2006
a-mantle at msndot com
spare parts
cagiva roadster evolution 200
wounder if u can help me i brought a bike couple of week ago but i cant find anyone how has heard of this bike or were i can get spare parts for it from on the logbook it does say its an import

Tue Aug 22 2006
selcomp at
Wiring Diagram
Cagiva Canyon 600CC
Where can I get a wireing Diagram for the above bike ?

Tue Aug 22 2006
g7consultoria at
Cagiva's problems
Canyon 500
My Canyon 500 is the worst bike I've ever had. I had problems with it's ignition like all the unfortunate owners in Brazil and many other problems. Please throw away the project or buy it back from me.

Sat Aug 19 2006
sharp-eye at
Cagiva Spares
Canyon 500 1998 [ S Reg ]
Am I right in thinking that Cagiva couldn't organise a party in a brewery when it concerns spare parts and their availability? I'm in need of a new alternator as one of the previous owners managed to put it back on its mount out of alignment with the shaft. How I have no idea, but it had the crap chewed out of it. Apparently a new one will set me back £445.00 plus VAT; about £520 I think. And that doesn't include putting the new one in! Any help with info on a source that doesn't add the owners mothers date of birth to the price tag will be very much appreciated!!
St Austell, Cornwall

Try either Motorcycle-Parts-UK/ or

Sun Jul 30 2006
wilsonsofdawesville at bigponddot com
electric start clutch bearing
cagiva w16 1996 600cc
require parts
electric start clutch bearing and housing
Perth, Western Australia

Mon Jul 17 2006
michael.wainer at worleyparsonsdot com
Cagiva Engine
W12 ( 350cc )
Hi there. I have a Cagiva W12, the 350cc 4str trail bike, which has been languishing in the back of my garage for too long, and which I'm now in the process of getting back on the road. I've been told in the past that this actually uses a version of old the Yamaha XT350 engine, albeit suitably 'Cagiva-ised'. Can anyone confirm (or deny) this, and advise what parts, if any, are interchangeable? Thanks.

Tue Jul 04 2006
johnporter11 at aoldot com
Engine supplier
Cagiva Canyon 500
Is the Canyon motor a Yamaha XT?
Northern Ireland

Fri Jun 23 2006
louise.banner at ntlworlddot com
cagiva wmx 250 mx bike
hi there im trying to locate one of these machines either brand new or very nice secondhand one will pay good money for right bike please let me know if you know of one many thanks chris?
manchester england

Thu Jun 15 2006
joeholdsworth at yahoodot com
super city 125 workshop manual
where can I get a workshop manual for a super city 125

Thu Jun 08 2006
jadeholdsworth-russell at
cagiva mito parts for sale
cagiva mito 125 year 1992
i have a set of red fairings, and 2 forks for sale any offer considered buyer to collect.

Wed Jun 07 2006
bob.oliver at
where do i buy spares

just bought a 500cc works moto cross
CDI unit has failed
haveing trouble working out what it is frame number is
Engine Barrel 48103
Crancase 2952
Both Cagiva
can you help

The bike is plainly a Cagiva as it has the brand stamped into the kickstarter and barrel, but the left engine cover says Husqvarna and the and left tank cover has a Husky logo. Presumably it was built soon after Cagiva bought Husqvarna. Ed.

Fri Apr 28 2006
unknownbhoy at
my cagiva motocross bike
cagiva 250cc factory special limited edition 1995 model
hi i am wondering if u could help me out i have a cagiva 250 limited edition factory special motocross bike and im struggling to find a piston kit for it a think the bike is a 1993/95 i live in glasgow in scotland

Thu Apr 20 2006
jdsfantasticplastic at
87 cagiva wmx125cc engine, wanted
cagiva wmx 125cc
looking for 87 wmx 125 shifting barrel. Interested in complete engine. Thanks Johnny D

Mon Apr 17 2006
ibradley at msndot com
cagiva roadster
does anyone know of a place were i can get a hold of a set of forks for a roadster 125 doesnt mater if there new or second hand please email me at ibradley at msndot com if anyone as any info. thanks for your time
east midlands

Wed Mar 15 2006
stevennsuzi4eva at aoldot com
cagiva mito 125 1991 model
hi, i recently bought a cagiva mito 125 in lucky strike racing colours, a bargain at 800 gbp, only problem is the ignition relay is broken and i can't find where to get a new one, any idea's?? it's a superb ride and superb bike, well done to the italians.
yorkshire, uk

Sun Feb 05 2006
onestop.printing at
cagiva zanella rzf200
Hi, I picked up a 1990 cagiva zanella rzf200 at auction. Are parts, service manual, onwers manual available?
thanks, Phil
calif. usa
Hi, Photo enclosed. Does Zanella have a web site?
Thanks, Phil

See also the Zanella page. Ed.

Sat Feb 04 2006
phil-burningham at hotmaildot com
Cagiva N90 125 Elefant/Trialle
Hi, can anybody help me out with a manual and parts manual for my newly purchased Cagiva N90 please ? Any info would be great thanks.

Thu Jan 26 2006
davidbecsei at
cagiva elefant 125 '85
Help me!I need CIRCUIT DIAGRAM for cagiva elefant 125. Is 20 years old. I will like repair.

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