Husqvarna Motorcycles

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Husqvarna Motorcycles

Made in Sweden, Italy and Austria

Husqvarna history dates back to 1689 when they began making firearms. In the 1890s they produced their first bicycles and motor bicycles appeared in 1903, powered by FN engines, followed by machines fitted with NSU powerplants. In 1910 the model 65 appeared with a Moto-Rêve engine and a frame similar to the Swiss machine but more sophisticated and elegant. The partnership with Moto-Rêve ended in 1918, and Husqvarna produced their own engines in 1919.

According to a controversial writer (JF) Husqvarna copied their 1906 model directly from a Bismarck model. There is good reason to doubt his veracity.

Historical Snippets
Husqvarna supplied engines to other manufacturers including Monark

Some of their smaller machines employed engines by Franco Morini Motori. The marque was purchased in 1986 by Cagiva, and then in July 2007 it was purchased by BMW.

October 2007
Dr. Herbert Diess, President of BMW Motorrad, signed with Claudio Castiglioni, CEO of the Agusta group, the final contract for the purchase by BMW of Husqvarna.
October 2013
Acquired by KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH was formed, based in Mattighofen, Austria

Husqvarna models 1990 on

jim2jean at yahoo.com
175 CC husquvarna 1976
I got a reading of 34 ohms on primary ignition coil. The coil is the red one with resistor built in. If it is a simple resistor can’t it be tested and is 34 ohms acceptable
Jim klee

Hopefully some kind soul can provide an answer to this. Ed.

lee_pat at sbcglobal.net
250 wr husqvarna 1975
are all flywheels the same fort the motoplats - do the stator and flywheel supposed to have the same numbers will they fit on a 20 mm large ignition crank stub
Mc alester, ok.

Perhaps try an off-road forum or a Husqvarna specialist.
mikael.r.lofqvist at gmail.com
My father is restoring an Moto Reve engine from 1908. The pistons heads are in bad shape so two new for replacement. Do you know if there is any head that is similar in size and shape that can be used with or without modifications?
Linköping, Sweden
frmontufar at yahoo.com
Good afternoon, I am in the process of restoring motorcycle husqvarna model 228 1951 and I need to acquire the manual and some spare parts. Can you help me in this process, where can I get them?
Franco Eduardo Montufar Andrade
Colombia, Sur America

jimbminer at gmail.com
Husqvarna 20 1927
recently brought to usa
jim miner

Sun, 25 Mar 2018
19jaguar75 at gmail.com
Husqvarna 1971 MI250

Do you know if the old Motoplat ignition the 1971 Husky 250 had was like modern CDIs that have peak timing advance at about half of the peak RPM and then from there gradually retards the ignition as RPM increases? Or was it just an electronic replacement of points?
Michael Forrest
Miami USA

  • There is a section on Motoplat here which has links to other pages which may be of use.

Mon, 18 Sep 2017
armand at mc-chaufforerne.dk

If you're interested in additional snippet around Husquarna: - Like BSA Is Husquarna based in a weapon factory, wich is to see in the classic logo, which resembles the sight through a rifle barrel: Aiming devices on top and the round barrel being squared by the rifling! - Until the Cagiva deal was Harley Davidson and Husquarna, situated in Swedish town Huskvarna, the second oldest motorcycle production (Peugeot to be considered the oldest, and though Royal Enfield is an older brand the facilities is not)

Husquarna isn't only off roaders and moto-cross bikes. The 175cc streetbike Silverpilen [silver arrow] from '55 to '65 have a big place in Swedes heart!
Kim Nielsen
Fredericia Denmark

Sun, 08 Oct 2017
Wfox2 at carolina.rr.com
Husqvarna Model 28 1951

Please call me at 704-226-6973 Wesley Fox I need information on where to find parts for thos bike. Thanks Wesley Fox
Wesley Fox
Charlotte USA

Wed Aug 24 2016
dj_play_up_c_o_r at hotmail.com
husqvarna Kick Start Problem<
husqvarna husky boy 50

hi im having this issue with the kick start on my boys bike but can not work out the reason why, any idea?

Mon Apr 11 2016

pd2381 at hotmail.com
model verification
Husqvarna 1986 400 isoe replica jw62k

would like to find out info on this bike I have an original with 272 miles looking for a buyer
tombstone az usa

Wed Jul 30 2014

dcolla2012 at yahoo.com
CEV Vintage Tailight
Husqvarna 1979 WR250
Hello I am looking for a replacement CEV tailight assembly Model No. 19694 for my 1979 Husqvarna WR250. I would also accept any parts/hardware if they were to be found.

Tue Oct 01 2013
prices of vintage 1928 husqvarna
husqvarna 180 ?
can you help me with value for this restored bike ? ( it was owned by c.e.o. of saab motor co. )
los angeles ca usa

Sat Mar 17 2012
Husqvarna's for sale
83 430 and 86 400 enduro and 86 cross country
both are complete with clear title. vdo on the 430 and brand new original tank.
so. Ca. USA

Sun May 01 2011
robb.kasby<at>hotmaildot com
vintage husqvarna
Husqvarna 40 sv
HVA 1936 40sv,
for sale or trade for 1900-10
motorcycle or parts..


Tue Apr 26 2011
zbf489d at tninet.se
Husqvarna JAP
Husqvarna V-Twin
Regarding the text underneath from your web:
I know this bike to be a hand/custom made by private guy who found a JAP V engine.
So, it´s a "fake" or "replica" or "look a like" depending on how you present it.
It was also covered in Swedish magazines a while back...etc..
I know this for a fact, and i am also involved in the re-search of Husqvarna racing MC before the war.
Believe me, there is no such thing as a JAP V-twin engined Husqvarna except 2 earlier prototypes of different sort and type -from the 20ies..
Thu Mar 16 2006

Fri Mar 18 2011
nichols<at>imarcllcdot com
Service manual
Husqvarna WR250 (1982)
Please advise if you know where to get service and/or parts manuals for my Husqvarna
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Husqvarna Manuals listed here...

Thu Mar 03 2011
Trial-93<at>hotmaildot com
Changing bearings, wich requires engine splitting
Husqvarna sms 125 2009
I splitted the engine i two to change the "Crankshaft Bearings"
[sorry for bad english :( ]

1.I have changed bearings now but there is a sort of counter weigt on a axel in the midle of the engine, I dont know how to adjust it relative to the piston.

2. I have to put the parts under the clutch right together.

3. So basicly a just need the drawing how to properly chang the crankshaft bearings, and how to put it all together.

Thanks for reading my annoying form :)
I have the papers for the bike if you need them for any reason. Cant wait to have her back on the road!

Regards, Marius Larsen

Husqvarna Manuals listed here...

Wed Feb 02 2011
steve-franz88<at>myspacedot com
430 auto
husquvarna 430 auto
i have complete motor parts 6 lager bearings and lots more paid over 1500 to get parts anyone interested

Sat Jan 22 2011
atkinson<at>wavecabledot com
wanted complete 2007 TE 250 motor
Husky TE 250
Need complete motor

Thu Oct 14 2010
jlmmsm777<at>yahoodot com
1985 250CR engine and coil
Husqvarna 250
Complete engine less piston. Engine taken apart because of piece breaking off piston.

Tue Jul 13 2010
zmoosa<at>hotmaildot com
husqvarna 125cc 1999 model
Water pump oil seal, overall gasket,piston kit and clutch plate needed.

Tue May 04 2010
robbythebike<at>googlemaildot com
petrol tank required for
husqvarna cr250 1968
hi iam after apetrol tank for cr250 1968 can you help thank you rob
cornwall uk

Sun Apr 04 2010
Husky for sale
Husqvarna 420 AXC
Price $950.00 runs like new excel condition
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Wed Feb 17 2010
5.0cobra at comcast.net
kick start gear
Husqvarna 430
Im looking for a kick start gear for an 87 430 two stroke
fort wayne IN

August 2009

'Very tatty Husky'! Cor, what a windup!

That was an ex-works development hack, testing the coming fad of long suspension. Not sure now, but was it KTM who started? I recall a race in Sweden where the works KTM was covered in weird hydraulic-tubes all over the place, everyone laughing at it. Factories actually work quick and crude when it concerns development, no ultra-fine instrument-maker toolshop works of art at all. That was me riding the 'tatty HVA', by the way, Motala '75.... Sverre Helgeson's article

Sun Jun 28 2009
samdanny at dodo.com.au
husqvana magnito required
husqvarna wr lc 400 1986
I am looking for a magneto in good condition to suit my 400 wr
Adelaide Australia

Mon May 25 2009
Travis-Worley at hotmaildot com
husqvarna wrx250
Is it true that the only year husqvarna used the cagiva motor was in 1989 or was there othere years. Also if so where can i find a magneto for the wrx250 with a cagiva motor
Arkansas, USA.

Wed May 20 2009
juliancrimp at hotmail.co.uk
kick start side engine casing
husky wr 240 1984
need a kickstart side engine casing ?

Fri Mar 20 2009
mlogfurn at ejourneydot com
cylinder coated?
Husgvarna 1974 250 WR
do you know if the bore has nikasil on it from this year?

Mon Feb 16 2009
leftykoufos (at) gmaildot com
Husqvarna WR 250 1996
Got a 1996 Husky 2T WR 250.
Looking for a swingarm, new or used. I'm based in Athens Greece
Athens Greece

Sun Feb 01 2009
swilliams (at) uretek.com.au
CDI coil Motoplat 442 / 58 55mm spacing
Husqvarna / Cagiva WRK 260
Need a Motoplat cdi coil has two connections input and marked motoplat with numbers 442 and 58

Wed Jan 21 2009
bensingers (at) scattercreekdot com
Head and base gaskets
1983 husky cr 250 cr
I am looking for head and base gaskets for my 1983 cr 250 any help would be appreciated

Mon Dec 08 2008
degracht (at) limpopo.co.za
Repair manual
Husqvarna 2001 TE 570
I am looking for a repair manual on Husqvarna TE 570 2001 model.
South - Afica

Information on books, manuals and wiring diagrams here: Books and Manuals

Sat Nov 22 2008
heurlin.thierry (at) neuf.fr
old pub
huskvarna 125/250
for you

Thank you, Thierry. Will incorporate it with the model information pages.

Sat Oct 11 2008
ragnarmg (at) simnet.is
Husqvarna 610
hi I need info on my bike
Husqvarna 610 DGM 53027 DM 8AE*001770*
Can you tell me the model?

Wed Sep 24 2008
fgattermann (at) yahoo.fr
Post removed at correspondent's request.

Fri Aug 15 2008
dougnhagen (at) yahoodot com
why cant i find anythang on this bike
husqvarna 1993 wxe 350
i cant find anythang on this bike is it rare what is it worth?
oregon usa

Thu Feb 14 2008
richardweaver (at) earthlink.net
1982 Husqvarna 430 cr
Husqvarna 430 cr 1982
bottom end or whole engine
Tennesse U S A

Mon Jan 14 2008
gpretor1 (at) volvocarsdot com
SM 610 Frame
Husqvarna 2007 SM 610
I need a frame for a 610 super motard.Part number 8A00A4680.
South Africa

Sat Dec 15 2007
adgb0107 (at) otenet.gr
Spairs for my bike
WR 400 '84
Hi to everybody.
I am looking for complete engine,up until 2000 in really good condition.
Thanks Kostas

Thu Dec 06 2007
nadeem2 (at) otenet.gr
spare parts
wre 125 enduro (2002)
hello sir
I have WRE 125 ENDURO model (Engineer number ZCGH 200 ABYV00 1654). I'm looking for some spare part of its, that is “Alternatore Completo” (code: 8000 67029) Please write me back that do you have that one. Please send me the price.

Nadeem Qadir.
Athens, Greece

Wed Nov 28 2007
sparxx292001 (at) yahoodot com
1991 husqvarna wxe250
im tring to find new main berings, connecting rod kit,crankcase seals and the orginal stickers or decals. or,if any one has a new bottom end. thanks matthew
canton, IL, USA

Wed Nov 28 2007
ken351 (at) iinet.net.au
husky 1989 wrk 250
hi im chasing a piston and ring set for this bike.so far had no luck.there is no eng num that i can tell.frame number is dgm 525130m6t0001161.can anyone help in location for parts
perth west aust

Thu Nov 08 2007
fourtees (at) hotmaildot com
Husky automatic
1981 to 1984 420 or 500 automatic
I am looking for a 1981 to 1984 420 or 500 Husky air cooled automatic, engine/trans/exhaust must be complete, the condition of the rest of the bike is not critical 402-477-4847

Sat Nov 03 2007
pray2stunt (at) yahoo.co.uk
need partly w/manual
TE 610
I bought a te610 but some spares are missing if someone could help me out with a section of the w/manual thanks

Mon Oct 29 2007
jeffrey.moss (at) defence.gov.au
wiring diagram<
1997 610TE husky
i would like to no where i can get a wiring diagram for 1997 610TE HUSKY any help would be good thank you

Information on books, manuals and wiring diagrams here: Books and Manuals

Husqvarna 1997 610TE AU.jpg
Husqvarna 1997 610TE AU

Fri Oct 12 2007
schefey (at) yahoodot com
left hand crank case
Husky '82 CR 500
I live in Australia and trying to restore my CR500 does anyone have any motors or part or know where i can get hold of them<

Thu Oct 04 2007
heiple420 (at) hotmaildot com
clutch cover/ parts
1991 husqvarna WMX250
I need to know if you can get me a clutch cover for a Husqvarna Wmx 250. If so, how much?
Broomfield, CO

Tue Sep 25 2007
deeredr2 (at) aoldot com
Parts for my bike
1996 Husqvarna WXC 250 2 stroke
I need a seat and other various parts for this bike. I live in central Virginia, USA and as having a hard time finding a dealer. Can you help?

Wed Sep 05 2007
lordmoses (at) hotmaildot com
work shop manul
1997 610te husky
do u now where i can get a work shop manul for 1997 610te
thanks jeff

Information on books, manuals and wiring diagrams here: Books and Manuals- at least one of the sites listed has the manual you require.

Mon Jul 02 2007
louis.riglet (at) wanadoo.fr
TE 610 E

Je viens d'acheter une TE610e de 1999 en Belgique.
De retour en France, on me demande pour pouvoir la faire immatriculer une copie du certificat de conformité communautaire.
Pouvez-vous me fournir ce document ou m'indiquer où je peux me le procurer.
Merci d'avance

Cordialement L.M RIGLET
BLAYE --- FRANCE --- 33390

Translation: I have just bought TE610e of 1999 in Belgium. Of return in France, one asks me to be able to make it register a copy of the Community compliance certificate. Can you provide this document or indicate where I can get it.

Sun May 06 2007
pachisaf (at) hotmaildot com
gear box bearings
husqvarna 430 ae 1989
i´m looking for gear box bearings for my husky. if anybody can help me !!!

Husqvarna 1989 AE430.jpg
Husqvarna 1989 AE430

Wed Apr 25 2007
p-neate6 (at) hotmaildot com
Wiring diagram<
Husqvarna TE 610 1992
I am after a wiring diagram for a TE 610

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Apr 01 2007
sbell001 at carolina.rrdot com
WRX Cross Country 360
I am looking for a wiring harness diagram for a WRX360, any idea where to locate one in North Carolina, USA or where to find it online?
North Carolina
This site should be able to help: huskyclub.com

Tue Mar 20 2007
gaddes07 at hotmaildot com
owners manual
husqvarna cr250 1997
am after an owners manual for 1997 husqvarna cr250
aus, Jindabyne

Sun Mar 04 2007
summer-leigh at ntlworlddot com
husqvarna 250wr
hi im looking for a engine for a husqvarna 250wr 2 stroke if anyone can help please contact pete.
portsmouth uk.

Thu Feb 15 2007
aiden-mifsud at hotmaildot com
1988 wr240
hey im after a top coil for the 1988 wr250,
let me kno if u got 1 pls , cheers

Husqvarna WR250 1988.jpg
Husqvarna WR250 1988

Sat Jan 27 2007
spacemanbr at yahoo.com.br
Piston Rings
Husqvarna TE 410 2000
I´m looking for a piston rings set for my TE410. Please let me know where I can find it, no matter where.

Tks, Eduardo

Wed Dec 27 2006
jaymotorhead at hotmaildot com
husqavarna dirt bike
I have just purchased a husqavarna dirt bike and now tring to figure out the year and engine size. The numbers off the frame are wn11118. If any one has any info contact me
north branch mn

Mon Dec 18 2006
alexbergeron at wanadoo.fr
I'm looking for a ignition
Husqvarna 125 WR 1989
I'm loocking for a complete ingition for my huski. The french distributor (SIMA) can't find this part since 2 month. He said me he have no solution. I'm really surprise of that. Could you help me ?

Thanks in advance


Wed Dec 06 2006
ljfconstruction at hotmaildot com
Wiring diagrams
Husqvarna 250 wr 98
I am re-attaching all the electrics to a 98 husky 250 wr that I have just bought to make it road legal. I need a wiring diagram for lights, indicators, horn and speedo. If anyone can help I will be extremely grateful. I am in Australia. Cheers.

Mon Nov 27 2006
oscarfolan at hotmaildot com
Parts wanted
2001 Husqvarna WR250
I live in Ireland and I am looking for parts for WR250. There are no dealers in Ireland! I would be grateful if you could give me contact details of dealers in Europe.
Thank you
best regards
Oscar Folan

Sat Oct 28 2006
mike racing46 at hotmaildot com
need to contact rofl tiblin and family
huskys greatest rolf tiblin
please send me a email for rolf tiblin and/or his family . iam an old friend of his my name is mickey quade
san jose del cabo b.c.s.mexico

Sat Oct 21 2006
cenorling at aoldot com
1992 WXE 360
I need motor parts of any kind for my 92 WXE 360?
Minneapolis MN

Mon Jul 31 2006
gill.studyhouse at wanadoo.es
Starter motor
Husqvarna 410TE
I'm live in Spain and am looking for a starter motor for my Husky 410TE (1999)

Tue Jul 11 2006
rbg.1 at netzero.net
need part please help !!!!!
1986 husky cr 250
looking for kickstart gear with little tooth that engages it. can anyone help??
Ga U.S.A.

Tue Jul 04 2006
jock1305 at bigpond.net.au
bike parts
73 husquvarna 360
i am looking for parts for a husky 360,whole bike or motor & acc bits good spares bike would be good

Sat May 20 2006
msundstrom at asd5.org
Ignition Unit
Husqvarna XC 510
Is an ignition unit available from any one for air cooled 510's? I've heard it can be easily concerted to a 610 system??
Any help appreciated
Aberdeen, WA

Wed May 17 2006
shameless1984 at hotmaildot com
Husqvarna (Off road)
Hi could someone help me i've been searching to find out the model and year, It's a professional off road Husqvarna. that me and my step-dad have just been given from a friend of the family. the vin no is MN01807 I thought this would tell me but can't seem to find anything on the net.
Can someone help, e-mail me please at shameless1984 at hotmaildot com
Kent, England

Thu May 11 2006
motowarehouse at avacom.net
main manufacturer adress
I will like to write an e-mail to the main manufacturer which i can not find the adress...
i am interesting to import husqvarna products

Try the Husqvarna directory at Bikelinks. Ed.

Tue Mar 21 2006
bubbamims at yahoodot com
1986 cr 250 husky two stroke
i want to find a complete owners manual on my bike i am repairing my bike and definitly need one, i have no idea where to look, please help.
thanks Robert

Thu Mar 16 2006
jap-ak at ofir.dk
Husqvarna JAP
I have a Husqvarna racing v-tvin with a 680cc jap. It should be one out of 3 prototypes before Husqvarna made their own famous v-tvin. Does anyone know about these bikes and their history and is there any pictures. Anders .

The photo is a bit close up and a bit dark but I hope that it will work.
Regards Anders K.

Many thanks for the photo of a truly remarkable machine. I will research the marque and write a brief history, and with luck more information about your bike will come to light. Ed.

Husqvarna JAP 680cc.jpg
Husqvarna JAP 680cc

Thu Mar 02 2006
brett-1962 at bigponddot com
Reg Flywheel
Hi my name is Brett I live in Australia I have been trying to get my hands on a Flywheel for a 1989 Husky 250 WRK this was the year that husquvana use the Cagiva motor. would you be able to help me or point me in the rite direction to find one of these?

Sun Mar 05 2006
Exmarine420 at comcast.net
1987 Husqvarna AE430 Automatic
My name is Jim i live in Connecticut. I have 87 Husqvarna AE 430 Automatic and it is too big for me. I am looking to sell or trade for something smaller just seeing if you would be interested in something like that?

Thanks, Jim<

Husqvarna 1987 AE430 Automatic.jpg
Husqvarna 1987 AE430 Automatic

Mon Feb 13 2006
black.-phoenix at hotmaildot com
Husqvarna 4-strokes
I'm looking for a unique 400-450 cc thumper to race in the MX1 class here in Canada. Did Husky ever make a 400-450 thumper in the 80s/early 90s and import it to North America? Thanks

Sun Feb 05 2006
nicopetracchi at hotmaildot com
i m looking for back wheel for husqvarna cr 250 1999. i m living in Dubai UAE and i can not find it here. I will appreciate if you can tell me where can i buy it and how much is the cost. Thank you very much, Nicolas

You could start by browsing the Husky listings at Bikelinks:

Husqvarna CR250 1999.jpg
Husqvarna CR250 1999

Sat Jan 28 2006
jf.leproust at wanadoo.fr
Looking for spares
I'm looking for a tank and a saddle for a Husqvarna 240 CR of 1981

Sat Nov 19 2005
fourtees at hotmaildot com
Husqvarna bikes and parts
I have several 1982 Husqvarna motorcycles of all sizes for sale. I also have a garage full of parts, engines, many gas tanks all colors for 1981 and 82, other parts also. 402-477-4847, USA

Wed Sep 14 2005
dublinbudd at tesco.net
piston kit
hi i have a 1989 husky 260cc and i cant get a piston anywhere can you help my engine number is 01293 frame is 8T000085 .my bike is scrap if i cant get one thanks emmett

Husqvarna 260 1989.jpg
Husqvarna 260 1989

Mon May 30 2005
graeme.kt at tra.co.nz
Husqvarna wr250 1991
I am looking for a flywheel for this bike can anyone help

Tue May 24 2005
jeels2000 at yahoo.com.au
bike 4 sale
im intrested in sell `973 360 been in shed 4 over 20yrs 95% there. picture attached similar to this but in shed condition need tlc

Husqvarna 360 1973.jpg
Husqvarna 360 1973

Wed May 11 2005
RayeMcCloud at netscape.net
I need help identifing my Husqvarna Its a 1985 with the numbers 09740252 on the block and wo19597 on the frame. We were told its a 250 and we were told its a 400. We need someone to help us find out the truth. Thank you is you can help. The outside of the cylender has 1614513 SWEDEN stamped on it.

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005
subject: Husqvarna WR250
Email: willy75 at aoldot com
message: I have a 1972 model in very good shape I need to sell

From: Willy75 at aoldot com
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
Hi, in North Carolina, US...will get pics this weekend, here is Penton & DKW I am selling too. k thanks!

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005
subject: husqavarna racing only dirt bike
Email: theocurance at yahoodot com
message: where the hell can I get parts for this puppy? 360 early 70's husky

June 23, 2002
I live in Washington state and i recently got a huskavarna CR 250 with a good running motor but want...
See Husqvarna Forum

October 21, 2001
Don't know if you found what you needed already or not but I have a 1989 Husqvarna WMX125 that I'm rebuilding myself...
See Husqvarna Forum

In 1988 a group of former Husqvarna employees bought the motorcycle technology form Husky and founded Husaberg. Husaberg Sweden

August 26, 2000
apreciados amigos:
estoy interezado en comprar una moto husqvarna, vivo en venezuela.
quisiera me informaran donde puedo comprar una, le agradesco me manden informacion de los dealers que vendan
motos husqvarna en sur america.
Tambien me gustaria saber si hay la posibilidad de vender estas motos aqui en venezuela, y cuales serian los pasos a seguir.
Eduardo ruan -- bpnsanra at cantv.net

Sheldon's lame translation:
Appreciated friends:
I am interested in buying a Husqvarna motorcycle. I live in Venezuela and would like to know where I could purchase one. Can someone send me information about dealers that sell Husqvarna motorcycles in South America. Also I would be interested in knowing if it is possible to be set up as a dealer in Venezuela, and as the steps necessary to follow. kindly Eduardo ruan -- bpnsanra at cantv.net

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