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Penton Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1970 to 1975

Made in the USA from Austrian, German & Italian components, including KTM & Sachs engines.
Some were also rebadged Wassell machines. Early models were fitted with 172cc BSA Bantam engines, which were superseded by 6-speed 125cc Sachs two-strokes.

Mon Jul 18 2011
penton id # v2101
penton berk 100
what year ? #v2101

Tue Mar 30 2010
Berkshire-Jackpiner 100-125
there is no difference in a 100 and 125 Penton. all parts can be changed out.a 100 can use a 125 head ,cylinder and piston .you can change the peace pipe but either works.that is the ONLY diff. in the 2 bikes.when looking for parts bear this in mind.
Memphis ,TN

Fri Dec 11 2009
mikestorbeck at yahoo dot com
how do I get the exhaust pipe off?
1972 Penton 125 six day
Having troulble taking off exhaust pipe
TX,Corpuus Christi USA

Wed Jul 15 2009
kabeckbayarea at yahoo dot com
penton at legends of the motorcycle 2006
penton harescrambler
this penton belongs to me and took first in it's class that day at legend of the motorcycle. It is a low time bike that i restored in 2004


Thu Aug 28 2008
miller2228 at
did penton have a kami 80?
197 ? kami 80cc
in 1975 or76 my brother bought a kami 80 and to this day i have not seen another looked like a baby penton,and was green with a silver frame,have you heard of a kami,and if so were can i find one,.T.Y. BILL MILLER

Tue Apr 24 2007
maicomidwest at
would like to purchase 69 penton 125
69 penton 125 6 day
have cahammjr at contact me

Fri Aug 04 2006
cahammjr at
looking to sell
1969 penton six day 125cc
serial number on the bike is v609. bought it 20 years ago. had new rear shocks put on it, had the carb rebuilt and had bosch electronic ignition put on. am willing to part with it, if any one interested let me know, will post pictures of the bike.
  Penton six day 125cc 1969.jpg
Penton six day 125cc 1969

Mon Apr 24 2006
bob.goldsmith at
sachs 125 engines
sachs/wassel, sachs12Penton
I have factory workshop manual for the above named bikes. I can make photocopies of particular subjecta

Sun Nov 27 2005
peverett at
PENTON Motorcycles

Very nice web site for PENTON motorcycles.

Another penton site:

Tue Aug 16 2005
ddetrick at carolina.rr dot com
1973 Penton Jackpiner 175cc
Am trying to restore my bike and have had no luck locating parts suppliers.  Can you help? Thank you.

You might try the Penton section at Bikelinks. Ed.

Thu May 05 2005
jlapins2 at ford dot com
1973 Penton Jackpiner
Do you have, or do they make the rack that mounts behind the seat which holds the leather tool bag

Mon May 02 2005
rex at ea-transport dot com
1970 Penton 125
I'm looking at a 1970 Penton 125 6 day to purchase. The bike is like new in condition. What is it worth?

I do not have a photo but I have looked at it many times and the bike is absolutly just like new in every detail . Thanks for your help. Rex

Cannot advise value. Best bet would be to browse Ebay and the classifieds for similar machines. Ed.

Fri Apr 29 2005
weedhopper at accnorwalk dot com
penton 175
where can i find parts to rebuild a penton 175 ?

Sunday May 22nd 2005
this is a picture of the penton 175
it has not been ridden in over 20 years but to this day my brother and i remember how great this dirt bike was.
  Penton 175 found object.jpg
Penton 175

January 4th 2005
subject: sachs magneto
Email: jonlonglely at
message: I'm looking for a magneto and case cover for a 1971 sachs motor that is in a Penton.
Any help?

From: Willy75 at aol dot com
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
Hi, in North Carolina, US...will get pics this weekend, here is Penton & DKW I am selling too



October 3, 2000
I am road racing a modified Penton, Fichtel and Sachs "Six-Day" 125cc in the 'classic-vintage 250cc' class with the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association club here in Seattle Washington, USA. The engine is a stock 125/5A from my original steel tank 1970 model, while the chassis is from a 1972 fiberglass tank model.

These motorcycles were originally imported into the USA as Enduro motorcycles, by John Penton, of Ohio. I've modifiied the suspension but left the engine stock, including the magneto and points ignition, which has been flawless for over 30 years in my engine! I use AVON racing compound tires, 90/90 on the front, 100/90 on the rear, on 18 inch rims. My forks are Ciriani road racing units with 35mm tubes. The front brake is an 8 inch double leading shoe from a Bridgestone motorcycle, which provides very good braking ability. The rear brakes are stock, and reasonably adequate.

I am running a 48 tooth rear sprocket, apparently the smallest I can fit to my hub, and a 15 tooth front. This arrangement provides pretty good acceleration from the starting grid, and about 80 mph top speed in 5th gear. I weigh 160 pounds without my leathers and helmet on, so I guess this is respectable speed. I wish I could get more RPM from the engine, and better top speed, without sacrificing acceleration.

I wonder if the SACHS engine has ever been modified for this kind of racing in the past? What sort of modifications are known to give better horse power and top end torque? (Penton did a pretty good job of porting the engine and he supposedly squeezed 21 hp out of it, but a gp125 Honda does so much better, at 43hp I've been told)
David Hussey -- batduck at
WMRRA #806

Although actually an American motorcycle, Penton is included here as it is assembled from mostly European components.

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