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  • 3/24/21
    fmastrangelo at sbcglobal.net
    1973 Dalesman MX
    I bought a Dalesman 125 MX brand new in 1973 in Lincolnshire Illinois. They had 2 identical bikes for sale. I came across frame, engine, and rear wheel of the other years later. I have both and are considering selling them. If anyone is interested, I can send photos directly
    Frank Mastrangelo
    Lake Bluff, Illinois, 60044 USA
    billysheen at icloud.com
    I have a dalesman 125 working engine and frame is in repairable condition I was wondering if it was worth rebuilding or not how much are they worth ? Thank you
    Cheshire uk

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    Thu Feb 25 2016
    wrexhamgeezer at yahoo.co.uk
    dalesman puch engine parts required
    puch dalesman
    hi does anyone have a righthand engine cover and kickstart mec

    Sat Jul 05 2014
    Iianpr at aol.com<
    Dalesman Puch 125cc (1972)
    This is my Dalesman Puch 125cc 1972. It was fitted with a 6 speed gear box ,but I changed it to 4 speed.This bike finished 4th in british schoolboy championship meeting in 1972.
    Settle,North Yorkshire

    Tue Sep 11 2012
    dalesman puch savage 125
    I've a frame and Puch 125 motora wish rebuilt this bike, if someone can help me with spare parts catalogue, owneer manual, or parts, I will be very grateful

    Sat Feb 25 2012
    Dalesman Lynx
    Does any own one of these? I need pictures of a 72 . I am putting one back together. Also need tank decals. Any help?
    Central N Y
    Sat Jan 08 2011
    scottjeckel<at>aoldot com<
    Looking to buy
    dalesman scout 125
    I am interested in purchasing one of these rare bikes. My father was the builder and designed this machine and would love to get one in working order. Thanks Scott Jeckel
    Queensbury, new york

    Thu Feb 04 2010
    cyrjordan3 at yahoodot com
    1969 Dalesman Moto-Cross Motorcycle Question
    Dalesman (unknown)
    I know where there is a 1969 Dalesman motorcycle; dirtbike. Don't know anything about them. I can buy it for $450. The motor is apart. Does anyone know anything about them/how rare/what they are worth… etc?


    Mon Feb 01 2010
    jonbarker23 at aoldot com<
    ignition parts
    dalesman 125
    Some recent pics attached. Dalesman in action.Engine sometimes cuts out after about an hours use. No spark. Then will start again when cold. Anyone got any ideas?

    Wed Jan 21 2009
    ramjet54321 at aoldot com<
    Dalesman Belfast
    How much is a complete Dalesman 125 Puch motor (?) worth on today's market? Thank you for your time.

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    Wed Oct 29 2008
    lindstrom-mx at teliadot com<
    I´ts ready!
    Dalesman Scout 125cc Sachs
    A couple of weeks ago I was very happy to make my first run on a Dalesman for 34 year´s. talk about nostalgia!
    Mats Sjöblom Falun Sweden
    Falun Sweden

    Sun Jul 27 2008
    nemo-denovo at yahoodot com<
    Rare Parts
    Dalesman/Sachs 125
    There is a local guy here in Jeffersonville, New York
    who has been stockpiling parts for all kinds of offbeat bikes for as long as I can remember. Dalesman, Cooper, Tyran, Gemini, Benelli, Moto Morini, Cushman, Guzzi, Jawa, etc. etc.... His name is Francis Huggins and his phone is (845) 482-5086. He also sells new and used parts for just about any snowmobile ever made, but be prepared to pay top dollar for all old parts, he knows he has you by the short hairs ;)

    Mon Mar 10 2008
    Iianpr at aoldot com

    Dalesman moto cross (125 puch engine)
    I was intrested to read about the Dalesman puch
    125 motocross bikes.I rode one of these bikes in 1972 in schoolboy scrambling events.I took the bike to 4th place in the british championship in that year.I had a small amount of help from the dalesman factory which was only 30 mins drive away in otley.
    north yorkshire

    Wed Jan 30 2008
    jonbarker23 at aoldot com<
    dalesman 125
    I have had this bike as long as I remember, i got it minus steering head bearings (complete) a side stsnd and a chain tentioner. The only part I need is the bearings. any help would be appreciated, especially the bearing No. so I can get a nw one.
    Thanx Jon.

    Are the bearings tapered roller or cup & cone. If the former, it should not be hard to work out which bearings you need. What year is it? Ed.

    Sat Jan 19 2008
    mail at davidwalleydot com<
    Help! I need to buy one!!!!!!!
    Dalesman Sachs trials 125cc
    I am looking for a 1970's Dalesman Sachs trials to buy. I will ship from anywhere in the world! Please help?

    Mon Nov 26 2007
    aaablech at yahoodot com
    dalesman 125cc
    need motor parts, rear wheel parts
    general info
    Lawrence ks usa

    Fri Sep 21 2007
    kingrickman at aoldot com<
    I don't have a query about Dalesmans but I have a Dalesman trials , enduro , mx and a bunch of spares that I am getting ready to sell . Any interest ?
    Ma. USA

    Fri Sep 07 2007
    aaablech at yahoodot com<
    123cc puch
    need info and parts
    lawrence ks, usa

    Sun Aug 19 2007
    geurnblanston at gmavt.net
    Dalesman/Puch 125
    Dalesman Puch
    I'm wondering where I might find more info on my Dalesman motocrosser 125. I've never seen another like it. It has a one piece tank and seat and a Puch engine. Thank you

    Mon Apr 23 2007
    gashat at dreamscapedot com<
    1973 Dalesman
    Hello Does anyone have a shop manual and parts list for this bike? Would like to get a photocopy to use in restoring a 73 i just purchased. Also looking for front fender and headlight Thanks Gene Shatrowsky
    N Y USA

    Sat Jan 06 2007
    aichholzer at mountain.de
    Dalesman Tank
    with Puch 125 engine
    Hi, I have two dalesman at home and would like to refurbish it! I`m looking for a Dalesman tank and dalesman parts. Where can i buy it?
    Best Regards
    Rosenheim, Germany

    Tue Dec 26 2006
    boo123 at yahoo.com [bounced]
    i have had mine since i was 13 in 1977. i bought it as a none runner for 40pounds it has a puch 125cc 4 speed engine i have fitted 1973 yamaha dt125 front forks and aloy mud guards. its been very reliable the large barrel and head fins always keep the engine cool when off roading. sometimes i dont start it for a year and it always starts second or third kick. cheers grant

    Mon Dec 11 2006
    lindstrom-mx at teliadot com<
    Dalesman scout 125cc
    Hello there! I am rebuilding my old Dalesman scout with sachs 125cc engine.
    Right now 10/12 2006 there is lot´s of information about the Wassell and Dalesman motorcycles at the Penton owners group forum/penton talk/Penton Wassell as I made questions about the Dalesman motorcycle. I have only one picture from back then 1974, me practicing MX on my Dalesman.
    Falun Sweden

    Thu Jul 13 2006
    fox.john at talk21dot com
    125 puch
    Hi I own a very nice dalesman with the 125 puch engine, I also have a rolling frame that been cut up for a villiers engine,but also have a good (bare) also have engine bits & casings etc, I also have a early Wassell 175 bantam engine which is very similar ( frames built by Peter Edmondson of Otley UK (Ilive near Otley) dont see very many of these now, the wassellis even rarer in bantam form!! JOHN.
    Settle, N.Yorks

    Thu Jul 06 2006
    iompotty at hotmaildot com<
    Dalesman Motorcycle
    Puch 125
    A friend of mine has a dalesman motorcyce which is a 1970 ish? which is in original condition. He is now looking to sell this bike but doesn't know where to sell and how much it's worth.Can you give some sort of idea how much it's worth and where to advertise.
    Thanking You

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    Wed Feb 08 2006
    aaablech at yahoodot com<
    puch/dalesman 123 cc
    need piston etc
    Lawrence,Ks. usa

    Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005
    subject: dalesman motor
    Email: patrickhonda.tl at wanadoo.fr
    message: hi, , I would want bay a dalesman trial in engleterre, are it that it (he) have there it has sale regards patrick

    Tue, 05 Apr 2005
    Dalesman Scout 1972 on Ebay
    Vendor's Description:
    This is a Dalesman scout 1972. I dont know a lot about this make so I'll try to give you as much info as I can. Dalesman was made in England between 1969-1974. The tag on this motor reads: Fichtel + Sachs AG Schweinfurt, motor# 6819568  cc 122 Type Sachs 1251/EA Date of Manufacture 4/24/72 VIN:0141E. It has a one piece fiberglass tank and seat in nice shape. also an aluminum air box. The metal parts are rusty but the bike is all there except the kick arm. A great subject for resto. The fork looks to be in great shape, the gear box shifts, it has a BING carb...

    Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005
    subject: Dalesman Motorcycles
    Email: rwrusk at telus.net
    message: Hello I have a dalesman trials bike that is slightly newer than the one you have pictured in your site and I'd love to share a picture with you if you are at all intersted. I have loved this bike since I was 3 years old and used to ride with my father on it. I have always kept my eyes and ears open looking for any others. I live in Canada and we have owned it since new and I have yet to come accross others owning Dalesman bikes although about 5 years ago I did run into an English chap who told me he used to ride for Dalesman and that his buddy was the one who made all the handbuilt tanks for their trials bikes of that year. I do know it was purchased new in the early 70's by my father and is almost all stock with the exception of aluminum fenders. Let me know if you are interested in any pictures I may have of mine and look foreward to any more info I can find about mine. Thanks again. Ryan

    Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005

    Hello I have taken a few pictures that you can feel free to add to your collection of other bikes and Dalesman Photos. Sadly I didn't have the skid plate mounted for these pictures but I do have it and plan on cleaning the bike further and will send better pictures when I do so.

    Thanks again for the great site and I also have the origional manuals etc. and if someone needs any of the info in them (on the Dalesman or Sachs engine) please contact me and I'd be happy to help out if possible.

    I know the stock speedo seems slightly out of sorts on a Trials bike but from what we understand it was us for the use in a KR trials. If anyone knows any more about this bike I'd love to hear about it. We have owned it since new but due to the fact that they are rare ....and even more so where we live ....any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for the great site and all the bikes and info in it.

    26th January 2005
    Dalesman listed on Ebay UK
    Vendor's Description:
    Dalesman twin shock trials bike. 1969. I believe they were made in Station Road,Otley, West Yorkshire by a chap called Peter Edmonson. Everything must go before the garage comes down in March! so it is for sale.I have yet to source a kickstart and gearlever for it but apart from that the bike is complete and i had it running last year by bumping it off and was flying round the estate (much to the joy of my neighbours!). The tank and air filter are not original but i have them. I have spent a small fortune on the bike including re hard-chroming the front forks and powder coating all the steel parts. It has a Sachs engine which i think is 125cc. Frame number is 1086. It still has its original registration number 'OOV 2G' but i have no V5 for it. I have a 1969 'Motorcycle Sport' magazine with an article about them which will come with it.

    If you have a query or information about Dalesman motorcycles please contact us