Today in Motorcycle History


Dalesman were motorcycles produced from 1968 to 1974 by Peter Edmondson at Otley, Yorkshire.
  • 1968 The company was formed to build off-road competition machines fitted with the Austrian made 125cc Puch engine. Using many common parts, machines were made for enduros, scrambles and trials. The engine had a four-speed gearbox in-unit in a duplex frame. REH forks soon replaced the Puch ones. The make was successful for the next few years.

    In 1969 they began supplied machines to Joël Robert at JRD in Belgium.

    1971 Their US importer invested in the company, which resulted in a virtual takeover and Bill Brooker from Greeves joined the firm.

    1974 Was the last year for the Dalesman marque, which was closely associated with Wassell.

Source: Graces Guide