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Ted Wassell created W E Wassell Limited after leaving the services at the end of the war. The company traded in Birmingham for many years and then moved to a much larger factory in Burntwood, Staffordshire in 1967.

Their first machines were trials bikes often powered by 175cc BSA Bantam engines.

Wassell initiated a new project to develop off-road machines. Peter Edmondson, formerly of Dalesman, joined the firm as chief engineer, and the frames were designed by Jim Lee who had also come from Dalesman. Sachs were selected to power the new machines.

Around 2000 motorcycles were built, the majority of which were exported to the USA where they were sold under the Penton brand.

Towards the mid-70s production became unprofitable due to the burgeoning German economy, making Sachs engines too expensive.

From the forums: Around 100 Wassell's were sold in the US under the Tyran brand.

robertdixon731 at hotmail.com
Wassell Bantam 1968
Here is a picture of my Wassell Bantam. If you wish to use it for your web page.
Also my 50cc 8 speed Woolley Yamaha
United Kingdom

  • Wassell Bantam images posted to Comments.

garyhunt121 at yahoo.co.uk
Bsa wassel
Hi can you tell the year of manufacture of this frame WO97b engine no d14b 1591 would love to register for the road. Thanks
Gary Hunt
neec7 at aol.com
not sure what model this is for
Hi, i came across this R handlebar mirror marked W E Wassell Birmingham England
I'm assuming these are super rare ..can u give me any expert info to what bike/s this went on also value on this piece ? any expert impute would be greatly appreciated....or maybe your interested in this mirror...thx here are few photos....
Bloomfield NJ USA

    Sorry, not super rare. Fitted to many machines, most famously perhaps Vespa.
    Images posted to Comments.

swbell at telus.net
1972 Wassell
Do you know if Wassell's were ever sold and distributed into Canada? I have a bike with the serial number W311 ST and I would like to track its history.
Stephen Bell
Calgary, Canada

  • It seems likely. The Penton Owners Group may have information: pentonusa.org

swbell at telus.net
Hello, I have a Wassell trials bike (complete frame and wheels only, no engine) and I need some help identifying it using the serial number. The only numbers I see are W311 ST. Can anyone help to identify the year, model size etc using just this serial number.
Stephen Bell
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
toby at ashbournemanagement.co.uk
Wassell 125cc Trials 1972
I saw this bike was listed on your website and was wondering if it belonged to you. I would love to hear more info about any Wassell bikes you may know of / own yourself.
Hope you can help!
  • The machine is part of the Owen Collection. There is a link to them below the image.

Fri Dec 23 2016
kawasakikid8 at gmail.com
wassell tyran 125
tyran 125 frame number W2461 MX can you tell me what year it is im told from 1972- 1974 would like to narrow it down a little more if you can thanks Walker

Mon Oct 10 2016
kawasakikid8 at gmail.com
tyran 125 tank decals
wassell tyran 125
looking for tank decals and any others for the bike
ventura ca.

Tue Feb 05 2013
wassell antelope
I have , whats left of a complete 1974 wassell 125 6b. could be restorable , best parted out. aluminum tank , frame , forks , hubs , rims , & engine apart. any offer complete , or by the piece ???
Vancouver , Canada

Thu Apr 28 2011
WASSEL trial 125 1972
Could you tel me how much i can sell my motorcycle?
Than you so much
Lionel DC
Annecy, France

Mon May 31 2010
sidecar68<at>hotmaildot com
Pictures / Parts
Wassell 1974 with Sachs Engine
I have baught a Wassell Motorcycle with a Sachs 125 Engine manufactured in 74.
I have only the Wheel Hubs without Rims and Spokes. I`m looking for more informations about Rim sizes, Spoke lenghts as well as datailed pictures from Airfilter Box and Chain Fender.

Thanks for your information, Claudio

Sun Apr 04 2010
captainso-slow<at>hotmaildot com
kids wassell
Listed under Mystery Bikes

Fri Oct 10 2008
jeremy.newsome at blueyonder.co.uk
Wassell (or Dalesman) trials bike
Wassell Antelope
Trying to buy a Wassell (or Dalesman) trials bike. Any condition considered and happy to travel to see/ collect.
Yorkshire, UK

Mon Feb 04 2008
holmes7 at tinyworld.co.uk
wassell penton
hi.could you please tell me of the approx value of my bike please. sorry i cannot send a photo as it is in many pieces and has been for nearly 30 years !!

Fri Feb 01 2008
PhillipBrittin at aoldot com
Wassell 125
Anyone interested should log on to the Owen Collection where there are several 1st class pictures of a Wassell 125 trials and a Tyran 125mx. The Tyran is a Wassell but sold under this name by Mitsubishi in the USA.
Anyone wanting to exchange info on Wassells contact me.

Wed Oct 24 2007
kevinstorer526 at btinternetdot com
I am looking for a conical front wheel for a wassell size 21x275 thanks.

Sat Sep 15 2007
rayvenmoon at hotmaildot com
Unknown motorcycle

I have a Wassel from my uncle that passed and know nothing about it. I would love to rebuild it. Is there any way I can find out what it is and a repair manual with the motor serial number (6773664). Thats all I can really find on it.

Thanks, Leah

Fri Aug 31 2007
gary.whyte at mccaskie.co.uk
Early 70's with 125 Sach
Looking to buy same model
any condition.

Sun Aug 12 2007
al at slarksdot com
Wassell Trials bike
Looking for a pair of Wassell tank transfers for a '72-'73 trials bike. Thanks
Colorado USA
I finally found a couple of photos of a Wassell trials bikes. These have Penton tank emblems, but I would like to locate a pair of Wassell emblems/transfers.

Wassell Penton Trials Machine

Sun Aug 12 2007
kevinstorer526 at btinternetdot com
Wassell Trials
I am looking for Wassell trials bike it was all aluminium and the exhaust was on the right side and was in the centre of the bike.It had a 6 speed Sachs engine not shore of the year

Fri Jun 15 2007
tobywassell at hotmail.co.uk
wassell motorcycles
My names Toby Wassell my grandad was edward wassell the owner of wassell motorcycles my father is steve wassell his son if you have any intresting information i'td be great you can email me at

tobywassell at hotmail.co.uk

Mon Apr 30 2007
mikejoyce-77 at hotmaildot com
rebuilding the bike
1974 wassel 125cc sach trials bike
i have a 1974 125cc sach wassel trials bike and the engine is siezed. i want to rebuild and fix this bike. i'm only 25 and my dream is to fix this bike. i know nothing of it. was wondering if some body could give ibfromation on the bike or schematics of the bike.

Sat Nov 04 2006
kirkdene at btopenworlddot com
WASSELL dalesman
175 b,s,a, Bantam powered
Hi,anyone know who can do a dating cert. for one of thes? I need to register it to use in 2007 Beamish trophy trial i also own a Rickman Micro Mettisse (123Zundapp) Regards

Rickman Zundapp Micro Metisse.jpg
Rickman Zundapp Micro Metisse

Wed Sep 13 2006
tzimmerman6525 at comcast.net
mirrors Wassell Ltd short type
Can I get a replacement mirror made by Wassell LTD/Burntwood england.
Minneapolis, MN

I believe Wassell have been out of business for some time. Ed.

Mon Jul 17 2006
gronwald at emaildot com
wassell bike seat
hi, found a white "chopper seat" ,marked W:E.Wassell ltd, burntwood, made in england, here in frankfurt. I remember seeing it on a fifties/sixties triumph with sidecar a while ago. anyone know where i can get more info or does someone need it? regards, mike PS, if someone needs pics, i'll have some made
Frankfurt am main, germany

Thu Jun 15 2006
fox.john at talk21dot com
175 bantam engine 125 puch engine
Hi I own a wassell bsa 175 bantam engined bike, this is near mint,trials bike & road reg,I have a few spares & a orig sales brouchure, I have never seen another complete bike only odd bits! Also have a Dalesman 125 puch engined trials ,road reg,also near mint, also quite a few bits too,rolling frame,another frame engine bits, no info or brouchures though, anybody else into these lovely little bikes??? JOHN.

Mon Apr 24 2006
bob.goldsmith at sympatico.ca
sachs 125 engines
sachs/wassel, sachs12Penton
I have factory workshop manual for the above named bikes. I can make photocopies of particular subjecta

Fri Mar 31 2006
tcoulton99 at tiscali.co.uk
Wassells...I built em...
Really odd finding a site refering to what you did shortly after leaving school, but at 17 I used to build the 125 trials and scramblers with the Sachs plants. The manager's name was Pete Edmundson whose son Paul is Fast Eddy of Enduro fame. I now run a foundry and at 52 deeply miss those days at Wassells. They were great times. The place closed when the British bike industry slumped. If anybody wants to contact me for info...feel free. but it's been a long (long) time. Bikers forever..Terry Caulton.

Thu Nov 24 2005
GLDB at AOLdot com
hi just purchased a Wassell Trials i think 1972, but cant get to grips with the back end wheel spindle hub set up, if anybody has any diagrams on could they please let me know regards Geo Norfolk UK

May 19, 2003
here is all I know , you might want to post this so others can see it
Founded by WW2 pilot Ted Wassell of Birmingham as a wholesaler of motorcycle parts and accessories. Make a motocross machine powered by a 125cc Puch engine in 1970 and a trials bike with a 175cc BSA Bantam engine. Made an off-road bike with 125cc Sachs engine in 1972. After making more than 2,000 machines, high manufacturing costs and a falling American dollar made his bikes too expensive for the US market, so he closed production in 1975.

This was taken fromianchadwick.com

and if anyone is interested I have a mint condition air cleaner for one of these bikes (not sure which) and am putting it up on ebay for sale. -- Thanks.. -- Greg -- gharris2 at earthlink.net

May 18, 2003
Hi, wondered if you could help I have just purchased a 50cc Childs bike for my 6 year old son, the bike is a wassell and I am trying to find more info on it, Any help would be greatly appreciated, -- Andy -- andy at cook2000.freeserve.co.uk

March 22, 2003
I have just bought a Wassell frame, number W911 S1, which I think was built for a Sachs engine. Does anyone know much about these bikes? So far I have found next to nothing in the UK but a fair bit on Penton Wassells in the US. I am looking for literature, articles, parts lists, cycle parts info and the like, in the hope of building a bike around this frame. Any info or pointers you can give me will be much appreciated. If you know anyone with a similar bike or parts, please let me know. -- Greg -- Greg at Pedder01.freeserve.co.uk

March 16, 2003
Hi. I am looking for a Wassell gas tank. They are the trick set up for vintage CZs and I recently acquired a 1972 CZ with no fuel tank. Does anyone know where I might be able to get one or get information about getting one? Much appreciated. My email address is cturner90 at junodot com -- Thanks for any help you can provide to me. -- Clay

March 7, 2003
I have a couple of pics of a well used wassell dalesman trials bike your users may fancy seeing the bikes not mine so I have no history about it. The one have is (still) engineless after many years, the list of things to do never seems to reach the level that the bikes on. -- Lou Watton -- lwatton at hotmaildot com

March 6, 2003
I have just bought a Wassell frame, number W911 S1. I think it had a Sachs engine when new. It has twin front downtubes and an oil carrying top tube for forced oiling. The rear downtubes below the seat are very close together. Does the frame number mean anything to anyone, in which case I would like to know more about the cycle parts used and so on. I can e-mail photos to anyone who can help. -- Thanks -- Greg -- Greg at Pedder01.freeserve.co.uk

February 6, 2003
Hello everyone, I have recently acquired a late 70's Wassell mini m/x bike for my 4 yr old, it is missing the fly wheel cover and I would like to know if there's anyone out there that could point me in the direction of one. All I know about the bike is that it is probably got a Puch engine in it. -- thanks Justin - justin at wonderwall2002.fsnet.co.uk

February 5, 2003
Dear Sirs,
I have one tidbit of information concerning the name Wassell and motorcycles: I have here four cast aluminum finned starter covers for a Honda CB500-4; the bag is marked "W.E. Wassell, Ltd. Burntwood, made in England" and is marked "part no: 160" so, presumably they made 159 other things. --Pete Gonigam -- gonigam at hotmaildot com

January 18, 2003
My interest is in Wassell Bantams. There is one on Rex Caunt's site www.rexcauntracing.com. Click on D14. I have recently seen one advertised in as classic bike mag. That is all i know but if anyone out there knows more, please e-mail me with any info or pictures. -- Greg -- Greg at Pedder01.freeserve.co.uk

December 3, 2003
Hi, I just bought a mint new all aluminum cafe racer tank by wassell and think it would fit either a norton or triumph motorcycle. do you have any ideas as to who may wish to own this beautiful item? regards......stef --  coffeebe at pacbell.net

September 4, 2002
Hello there I am Eliot Wassell my granddad was Edward William Wassell, the person who owned Wassell Motorcycles! I do not know much about them so could I have soom info please. -- WASSELI at SolSch.org.uk

June 16, 2002
dear sirs,
We have a big stock for new Sachs engine spare parts, and know that some Wassell motorbikes use them too. With this message there is a price list. The drawings for the parts you'll find on web site "Hercules"
greetings from germany is sending
susanne hammer -- IG-GILERA at t-online.de
motorrad klassiker ersatzteile versandhandel

From Sheldon: There was a spreadsheet and another file attached. If you write to them I am sure they would send you these files.

April 16, 2002
Does Wassell have a store or catalog that sells accessories ? My e-mail address is clarissadelpomo at valcordot com
Thanks, -- Clarissa Del Pomo

April 15, 2002
I am looking for a company called Wassell in Birminham England. They made accessories for British bikes, i.e. mirrors and others. Do you know if this company still exists and if they have a website? -- Greg, New Jersey, USA -- GPWAKEMAN at aol.com

February 4, 2001
Another little known British bike manufacturer was a company called Wassell, They were founded by Ted Wassell and produced off road bikes in the mid to late seventies, starting out using Puch engines and then switching to Sachs. The bike pictured is a 1974 125 Sach engined model costing £315 when new. The frames were built using Reynolds tubing and mudguards, panels and tank were aluminium. The production plant was in the city of Birmingham in England. -- Neil Wakerley -- nwba19121 at cableinet.co.uk

Wassell 1974 Sachs 125.jpg
Wassell 1974 Sachs 125

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